Thursday, March 26, 2009


Why have you buried yourself in the dirt, My Sparrow?
Are you cold?
You look too fat to be cold.
Maybe you wanted to feel safe for a second, wanted to be held
Without relinquishing



Thursday, March 5, 2009


a precurser to this entry (something to keep in mind whilst reading it)
a way to decipher what I mean (a complaint instead of a triumph)
why is it so hard to just ask for what you want?

please find more unhealthy exposure to my mind at

livejournal is a liberated version of this blog; it's a lot less concerned with outside opinions, it's a bit more personal and honest. with that said, I do have the power to make certain entries friends only, so if there seems to be an inordinate amount of time in which I have not blogged, it is probably due to me barring them from mere public access.

wordpress, however, is diametrically opposed. I am required to keep this blog for uni and I intend to nurture it quite rigorously over the semester, feeding it with ponderings, implications, theories and other musings of that ilk.

I pseudo-invite my few blogger cohorts and unknown, keen readers - hey, they may exist (or not) - to seek out my prose at these sites simply because they will be more frequented than these hallowed halls. With that said, my favourites over here seem to have abandoned their respective ships for reasons that I am unaware of and so I feel sadly disconnected from their possibly wondrous existences. I am pseudo inviting/initiating interest some other form of communication from well I don't know, some people, and bashfully remind them that if they are not already aware of my email address, it is certainly accessible from my "profile" here or located in their msn contacts. with THAT said, I realise that most of us are busy.

But that is why I am closing up "shop" here for a little while, recommending other places to find me and being a bit selfish and asking for some attention in other arenas.

I would like to call upon the iridescent Regina Spektor's lyrics at this juncture to round up the blog for a little hiatus in a possibly meaningful and hopefully relevant fashion.

people are just people
they shouldn't make you nervous
the world is everlasting, it's coming and it's going