Sunday, October 30, 2011


i am hungover at the airport
going to throw up all over my blueberry muffin

kept a poem you wrote open in a browser
so i could read it without having access to the internet
which is right now

at the airport you have to pay $10 for 45 minutes of internet
the fuck is that about
just going to type words in text edit

listening to neutral milk hotel
and tapping my foot to keep my mind off
the throwing up thing

i feel nervous and sick
but i am happy

i am sitting by a window
i am warm and i can feel the sun

soon i will be in a different place
but i will feel the same things

i will never stop being who i am
and this is good and this is bad

do i have any liquids more than 100ml in my carry on luggage

during 'two-headed boy pt. 2' i want to sing out
because i always sing out when i hear it
i make my voice sound american

i sang out yesterday
when i was driving my dads car
and i thought of you being there in the passenger seat
and i wondered if i would still sing out

will i utilise the barf bag on the plane

beside me there is a fake fern bush
i touched it to see if it was real
it wasn't real

if i die in a plane crash
please publish this poem on my blog

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unbearable lightness/Saturday

Unbearable lightness by staceteague


"colleagues, confidants and all round bffs Susie Anderson and Stacey Teague will be doing a ustream at [those times below] feat. poetry, banter, giggling, coldplay and various antipodean antics

we will probably be really sleepy, might even do it in our pjs hehehe

if you want us to read something email one of these places

melbourne, aus: monday 31 oct 9am
nz: monday 31 oct 11am
london, uk: sunday 30 oct 10pm
est: sunday 30 oct 6pm
cst: sunday 30 oct 5pm
mst: sunday 30 oct 4pm
pst: sunday 30 oct 3pm

will be here: "

facebook event:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


1) Chill Waves: Me, Susie and Zoe made this zine during and after Campus A Low Hum 2011, a music festival held in Bulls, NZ. Bloody gr8 times.
2) Subject #2: Thing I made with Sam, arts/culture thing. He designed it and I edited it. Basically just got all of our friends to contribute stuff. Also we got Nick and Sarah from Einstein Music Journal to do some things.
3) Subject #1: Don't know how I feel about these anymore, they probably aren't for sale unless you really want one.
4) Love zine: It's about love things. Probably my most personal zine.
5) People Are Just People: This zine contains content from this blog circa 2009 maybe, each page has a topic and then the corresponding blog post from both me and Susie.
6) Melbourne Zine: Wrote about when I went to Melbourne last year. For some reason people pick this up the most. Just a lot of silly in-jokes.
7) Bus zine: I used to catch buses a lot circa Oct 2010. Wrote about various bus trips I'd had. Probably my favourite zine idk.
8) Swimming in the wintertime: Most recent zine I made, re: Winter. Gonna make a whole seasonal series of zines.
9) Dinosaur zine: Zine containing all my dinosaur poetry plus other dinosaur-related things, comics, drawings etc.

Email me if you want any of these, preferably for swapsies or something.

the forest for the trees

what I wake up to every morning
the nicest thing

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spring 2010

Found this itunes playlist entitled 'Spring Playlist'. I think I made it this time last year. It was an interesting time in my life and these songs make me feel like I am back at my flat in Avondale, sitting on the porch with 40 pages of exam notes, trying desperately to get my life together.

1) Hard Believer - First Aid Kit
2) All My Days - Alexi Murdoch
3) We're All In The Dance - Feist
4) Leif Erikson - Lotte Kestner
5) Audrey H. - Dudley Benson
6) If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out - Cat Stevens
7) For Emma - Bon Iver
8) Shyness Will Get You Nowhere - The Gladeyes
9) This Must Be The Place (Mount Pleasant remix) - The Bears
10) Agoraphobia - Deerhunter
11) I Met Up With A King - First Aid Kit
12) Waiting Around To Die - Townes Van Zandt

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


walking home with red-stained lips
and a phone-light to see where i am walking
are street lights a thing

when i see the moon i almost fall over
all big and kind of orange

the moon reminds me of things
whispering "i am nothing and that is okay"

i feel melodramatic
and laugh at myself
moving my hands over my face

hiding from the moon because the moon is big
and i am small

i am just a person walking around on a planet
and life is not inherently good or bad
it just is
i am not a moon or a star or a galaxy

i have the same value as a blade of grass
but i would like to be a blade of grass

the moon made me think
what does it really mean to know yourself

freckles on my lips and knees
instinctively letting my hair fall this way or that
scars and what made them
looking extremely sad on buses

i can draw my own hands from memory

the moon is making the sky orange
the moon is leaking

it is cold
i press my body up against the wind
letting it kiss me

i've got my jacket on
hands in pockets

up on my tip toes

stretching up towards
the orange moon

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

bloody rugby mate

i would be remiss if i didn't at least write a blog post acknowledging the rugby world cup because it's a pretty big deal here right now. the whole country has gone kind of nuts for it, i mean i know so many people that aren't interested in rugby in the slightest that are real into it now. my friends were watching the semi-final the other night in the lounge and they were yelling and cheering and i was like who are you even. last night this drunk ass lady started talking to me about how she was just really proud to be a kiwi via the rugby, she said that like three times, kind of freaked me out. idk, i feel proud to be a kiwi regardless of our rugby team winning the finals. surely our rugby team isn't representative of our value as an entire nation?

just the amount of flags around are really daunting, they are everywhere, on cars, houses, shops, fashioned into capes. it takes a bit of getting used to, as flags are traditionally located 'up a flag pole' and even then, you don't even really see that much. i mean i think nzers are real stoked to be kiwis but aren't really obnoxious about it except when it comes to sports, for whatever reason. i keep thinking about "being a sports fan", and feel like it isn't really a mentality i can get into to any large degree because i just don't care about winning. honestly, i would have felt the same way if australia won. australia is pretty okay. however, i do think it's nice how nzers are so into it and it seems to make them really happy that we did get into the finals. like i guess it would be a more bleak environment to be in if we lost. like i was in town the other night when wales had just lost the semi-finals and there were some welsh people around that just looked sad as hell. really felt for those guys. people seem to invest so much into this, especially because a lot of people have traveled from all around the world to be here.

going into the city is kind of overwhelming because there are probably 10x the amount of people. i have been avoiding wearing berets ever since i wore one the night that france was playing and got mixed up in a crowd of other people wearing berets and chanting what i can only assume was the french national anthem. just wearing it for fashion, chill out. but there is that sense of community and togetherness even though a lot of the time i am thinking "plz get the fuck away from me" whenever i see a swarm of rugby fans coming towards me. before the rugby world cup millions were spent on cleaning up the city, especially the waterfront, and it makes things seem foreign. the other day I was walking around and felt like a tourist because there were so many new things and so many people it just didn't feel like auckland. felt kind of cool though.

the game itself i don't know much about. basically i've never watched more than 30 seconds of a rugby game in my entire life and i'm not going to start now. i've got a good thing going here. i've never really been exposed to rugby like most other kiwis because my parents are into league so I've watched that. rugby is very similar to rugby league, i feel one can safely assume, just how they differ is not really my area of expertise. there is this wikipedia page explaining the differences but i mean i couldn't really get through it. pretty sure there's more kicking in rugby and something to do with a scrum. how weird are scrums, like i don't even know how that is a thing. so people pass the ball to each other and try not to get tackled and to get points they put the ball across the goal line or whatever. in the finals nz are playing france. i'll be watching doctor who on my laptop or something. tell me how it goes.


just so you know we are going to make up for the fact that we didn't do a podcast in september by doing heaps of fun video/audio things (read: a ustream) when we are together from 31st oct - nov 7th so please get excited and maybe continue emailing things to us to read

thank you darlings

Monday, October 17, 2011

few reasons why melbourne is effing legit/my weekend

my friend daisy was part of this show that opened at 1000 £ Bend on saturday night so i went there with my other friends tilly and murray. the show is really good. i was so proud. i ate some cheese and looked at pretty boys and art. then my pal zoe arrived, we left the show, got a tram to her house, buying some lil cans of rekorderlig cider (which now comes in 7 flavours, i'm told) for the journey. steph, zoe's old housemate was waiting at zoe's for us with a roast chicken that she bought for dinner from coles. we were delighted. jean, a current housemate of zoe's, offered to drive us to a gig.

we ended up going to the grace darling on smith street in collingwood which i was secretly pleased about because it is a short walk home for me. we entered the bandroom and there were about 10 people onstage singing acapella and it was totally beautiful and i just felt like i had walked into something immensely special. the song was 'lord i am waiting' by inland sea and apparently they are a band from brisbane. i was transfixed but they only played one more song. the next band was called 'rescue ships' and their primary members were a sassy funny girl who kept making jokes about getting hives and a guy who may have been canadian with a big ole beard. the girl was playing an accordian and had a really spot on voice. they had a really attractive bassist. while they were playing i wondered about how you play accordian. also i made eye contact with this guy who was really hard out getting into them and i smiled at him and he saw me and then he kept going and i loved him after that. the final band that night was jackson mclaren who is from warrnambool which is a beach town west of melbourne where steph is from. jackson mclaren had a voice like ryan adams and really nice shoes and his violinist knew zoe's other housemate sam who i was sitting with. sam has big hair and two earrings in one ear. i didn't stay for much of jackson's set because i was tired but he seemed earnest and lovely.

the next day i went to doncaster shoppingtown ('shoppo' - it's just a big westfield in the outer eastern suburbs) with my friend fraser. on the drive there the song 'pumped up kicks' by foster the people was playing on repeat. we went to the apple store there so i could get my computer fixed. while we were waiting for the technician we assessed the attractiveness of people working in the store. we were driving back to the city to get lunch after a successful mission when murray called fraser and asked what he was up to. murray just moved to this cute house on the corner of some streets in north melbourne, it's all ramshackle and the rooms are weird shapes and there's a balcony. we had lunch at this very amazing cafe on the corner near his house called grigons & orr. lunch was pretty tasty. they served my coffee in a pretty teacup and gave me a pretty spoon. then we went back to murray's. it was sunny and we sat outside on the balcony smoking cigs and drinking juice from mildura.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

heavy water

yesterday i went to bethells beach with my friends hannah and kati
they are both photography students
hannah wanted to take pictures of our friend ali but she wasn't at home
when we went to her house it was open
this is the kind of place that bethells beach is, just really chill
want to raise my kids there one day
so we walked to the beach and it was really windy but all these wild as westie kids were running around in the water
lots of cool dogs too

kati and hannah are both austrian and occasionally talk to each other in german
i think it is really nice and cute how they do that

i ran into the water with my jeans rolled up but the water went way up above my knees
i didn't really mind

i sat up in the dunes while kati took pictures of hannah
she bought all these different coloured sheets and hannah had them draped over her body and the wind was really strong so it looked really good
up in the dunes i felt the sun
i saw a couple on the dune next to me kissing

i left the dunes and started walking towards this cave
i wasn't sure if i could get there because the tide was in
i walked over rocks with bare feet and it hurt but it was okay
i sat in the rocks and watched the waves crash and felt really peaceful
being near the ocean makes me really happy
transcendental vibes

kati and hannah caught up to me and we ran to the cave when the waves were going out
i draped a green sheet over my body and moved around
hannah had a blue sheet on
we were afraid the tide was coming in and we would be stuck inside of this cave

we left the cave and hannah and i play-fighted our way down the beach
kati took pictures of us

i saw lots of birds, sea birds are really cool
we saw this dead ass albatross that somebody had buried and only it's head and wings were showing
it looked so beautiful

we stopped for kati to take more pictures of hannah
i sat nearby and wrapped myself up in a sheet like it was a lil cocoon because it was so windy
i drew patterns in the sand
when they were finished we went up in the dunes and the sun was so nice that we all fell asleep
i think it is the nicest feeling in the world to fall asleep in the sun

i woke up when the sun went behind a cloud and it felt cold
we started walking back towards the car

in the parking lot there were some people having a bbq
there were some foreign people next to us and we talked to them
hannah greeted them by saying "kia ora"
love being a kiwi
mate, just bloody proud

on the way home we listened to a tribe called quest
we felt sleepy

one dinner

on wednesday night i went to lentil as anything for dinner. i write about this place a lot, because i tend to eat there on the reg. it is a vegetarian buffet where you 'pay as you feel' but they are losing money so you should pay at least $10 for your meal and it is usually good food so they deserve it (or much more). 

i rode my bike there after a long day at uni writing my thesis. i was very tired but felt i could not go home because my housemates were meeting people to take my room when i go overseas. so i was meeting my friend gordon for dinner. he was going to be a little while so i sat down inside and waited for him. as i sat down this man said 'excuse me - your jacket is very nice, where'd you get it?' i was so dazed from the ride and feeling exhausted and then a little embarrassed because i didn't know what to say as i actually found the jacket in a pile of hard rubbish (when people leave old furniture etc on the street for the council to collect) a few years ago. i faltered. he said 'op shop?' and i figured i could tell a weird old man it was hard rubbish, plus he already thought it was nice so it probably wouldn't damage my reputation.

i sat for a while just waiting for gordon. i read some pages of 'the zinester's guide to nyc'. the (old) man spoke to me again. said he was a performance poet and he was writing poems about people who were at lentils that night. he gave me this piece of paper.

it is a horrible poem about how i have nice clothes and why am i having dinner alone. at the time i said 'aw thanks' and just went back to reading. i felt too tired to engage with him, plus i was worried he would try to hit on me (officially). so i probably seemed vapid or something. i was just immensely tired.  gordon arrived and i said his hair looked like a hitler youth. he said others had complimented him. i said that was cause all the people he knows are nazis. i was joking. and probably the poet thought i was dating gordon. i am not. after we ate gordon and i went on a lovely walk over this hill that looks over the abbotsford convent and you can see the city really nice and it was a lovely clear night and the lights were so pretty and i love this city. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Very Beautiful Women

Susie and I contributed to this lil e-book called Very Beautiful Women that you should peruse at your own leisure.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

review of 'leap year'

or, what we learn about women and their predilection to romance via the 'rom com' genre

Leap Year (2010) stars Amy Adams as Anna, a successful and driven woman living in Boston. It's February. Her current employment is as a person who makes houses on the market look desirable for potential buyers. She says that her job is to make people aware of the 'potential' of new houses. Her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott, from Parks and Recreation, Party Down) is a cardiovascular surgeon. She is very proud of him even though he constantly has to leave her at dinner and is fairly absent. They have a stable relationship and are applying to live in a very reputable apartment building. One night at dinner Jeremy gives her earrings instead of an engagement ring and then he has to go to a conference in Dublin. Anna remembers this old Irish tradition where women are allowed to ask men to marry them on February 29, so she hops a plane and decides to go do that. Of course things go awry and she has to get this handsome handsome man Declan (Matthew Goode, the babe who plays Colin Firth's boyfriend in A Single Man) to drive her there before the 29th.

This morning in the shower I was thinking about the themes in the movie. Anna's job, for instance, is indicative of the way she knows that things just seem okay. You can swan into an empty building, dress it up nice with various fabrics and ornaments, then take it all away again. Trinkets and other nice things are impermanent and thus unimportant. She is at pains to insist that her job has worth, the way she tells people that it's about showing the potential of a house, a life etc. This repetition becomes a farce and reveals that she does not actually believe in what she is selling people, that she knows her job is superficial.

There is a scene early on where Anna is talking to her friend about how stable and reliable her boyfriend is and how great their relationship is. She mentions something about how romantic movies have always led girls to believe that they should want something more mysterious or unusual or difficult, but she likes Jeremy and what they have and they seem to be 'on track'. But of course, after her crazy journeys with sexy Declan, she wants nothing more than adventure with a temperamental Irish man. I don't really like Amy Adams at all and maybe this is why I don't like Anna, but when I was contemplating this I realised that her character - the type who has 'always known' what she wants from life and her path - is just taking away one more man from the girls who already know that they want Declan types.

Another meaningful scene is during their road trip where Declan asks Anna what she would take if her house was on fire. Anna doesn't know. She legit can't think of a damn thing. When she is back in Boston and engaged to Jeremy, they are holding a party at their beautiful new apartment and she pulls the fire alarm. Jeremy hurries around getting laptops and phones, but Anna just stands there. At that moment when I was watching I just thought that I would be getting my laptop too, and wondered what the hell Anna wanted. But really this scene means that she is totally detached from that entire type of life and she wouldn't save anything, not even herself in that context. Also that she is rich enough to pay the fire department thousands of dollars for coming to their place without an actual fire scare.

So basically
-earrings and rings come in the same type of box
-women who appear to be satisfied with their job, their long term boyfriend and their life are actually not
-an Irish accent and a bit of stubble can make you forget that noise

Sunday, October 9, 2011

re: last post


- a tribe called quest
- colin mccahon
- how philosophy can save your life by marietta mccarthy
- boy (the movie)
- gilmore girls season 5
- irl
- feeling like a tourist in my own city
- xinia
- laura
- laura's dad
- girl with a movie camera
- hungover days watching 'come dine with me' omnibus
- headbands
- putting daisies in my hair
- diwali
- op shopping
- email correspondence
- going to melbourne at the end of the month
- pigeons
- max (a cat in the cattery)
- winz
- feeding lil bb birds
- whittakers creamy milk chocolate
- banana/chocolate chip cake
- zen stuff
- mary wollstonecraft
- bertrand russell
- red wine dizzle
- reading in cafes alone
- crayons
- stripey shirts
- beers
- the new auckland art gallery

things i am looking forward to

1. my friend ziggy just got back from europe, gonna hang with that kid
2. finishing my fracking thesis (19 days to go!!!)
3. halloween party
5. having all my friends come to the farm with me for camping and going away type of activities
6. weather getting a lil warm but not too warm
7. going to new york with the darling caroline downes
8. in new york gonna hang out with my cousin who is doing a residency at flux factory
9. um i will be in new york
10. hopefully hang out with young spencer madsen and brodie and anton from uni (and others i guess! email me if you want to hang out with me in nyc)
11. going to washington to stay with carolyn and do more amazing wonderful things there
12. going to florida to stay with jacob for effing thanksgiving, feel pretty amped for this new holiday & also varied experiences of the usa lol
13. then going back to nyc for another 10 days mostly by myself which will be pretty daunting but am going to enjoy it hopefully
14. going to uk
15. work in my auntie's shop for a few days before chrimbus
16. chrimbus/new year
17. at some point hang out with crispin ass best (& various other uk internet pals i hope)
18. this is the part where i don't even know any more
19. kinda started writing this list in an attempt to not be terrified about this part, didn't work
20. um
21. ...........
22. going to find a place to live
23. and a job
24. and be a human being on the other side of the world
25. !!!!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

after I 'put my neck out' on the trampoline

(written at my family farm)

So this weekend I have been fully disconnected. I knew there was no internet at the farm and my sister said her phone didn't work, but I was optimistic that mine might get service. Turns out it doesn't... Which is worrying. So I haven't had any sort of external communication since Friday afternoon. The intent of this weekend, though, was to do thesis without being distracted by the internet. Because even if you disable wireless, you know you can just as easily enable it again and you'll have all the distractions in the land.

Here is a list of the things I did yesterday instead of going on Facebook or Skype or "checking my Google Reader"

- read the book 'A stylist's guide to NYC'
- do all the dishes because my sister is a messy so and so
- go for a walk to the dam with the dogs
- cycle up the road (thought I might get phone service on the highway but no, no I do not)
- have a bounce on the trampoline. can i just say best trampoline ever, giant ass circular one at the foot of the Grampians. Challenge you to find a better trampoline
- start to figure out conclusions to my effing thesis
- learn how to drive a stick
- drive the car around in a paddock blasting Coldplay
- park the car next to the big ole tree that fell down a few years ago, turn up Coldplay so I can hear it real good, and climb said tree.
- feel a sense of serenity
- write some more of dem conclusions
- make pumpkin soup with zucchini and bacon fritters
- watch the film Half Nelson. Am genuinely convinced that Ryan Gosling is the one of the best human being actors in the world. Wish I could text my friend to tell him he needs to watch Half Nelson.

and this morning I woke up and had bacon and eggs, had a shower and dried my hair by bouncing on the trampoline. also I think i 'put my neck out'. then i drove me and my sister to Rocklands Reservoir

the thing is, if that list proves anything, it proves that procrastination is a very strong force and is not dependent on an internet connection.

I have been thinking too, a lot about things. Walking around is good time to think about things. Being at this place.. rife for thoughts. So the deal is that my dad inherited this farm from his uncle Arthur. My dad and  mum kept sheep for a bunch of years before he died in an accident on the farm. We lived at the farm for a bunch more years after that, four or so, then mum was really depressed and it was horrible so she decided we should move into the closest town, Horsham. We kept the farm for a few years, then mum decided it was bad just letting all the land sit there without being used and she decided to sell the remaining sheep we had and rent the land out, as opposed to selling it. So this man Shamus (don't know why he can't spell it the proper way like Harry Potter) and his wife Georgina lived on the farm for the last 7 or 8 years maybe, keeping cattle and planting things, I think sunflowers, on some parts of the land, living in the house. Mum always complained about things they would do to the property without asking, like changing fences or painting things.

After they had been living there past five years she decided that it we would probably need to do something with it, like sell it to Shamus and Georgina or sell it to somebody else - basically had to do something. The thing is, women in my family (we are all women) are incredibly sentimental. We can't let go of things, places or people. So it took mum a few more years to decide. And this year she decided that she would put out a tender on the land and see if anybody would offer to buy it. We ended up selling it to 'tree people' which means that a reforestation company buys the land and they plant trees that are allowed to grow for 50 years, then we could take them down if we wanted to. We didn't sell all of the land, we kept a number of acres (I have been told a million times but always forget) around the house block and of course the farm house, the shearing shed, the machinery shed and a bunch of old shacks where shearers used to live (these are called Shearer's quarters).

So that is where I spent the weekend. My sister has a lot of anger towards the things that Georgina and Shamus did to the place while they were living here. There are some things that I agree with her about but I am not as menacing about it as she is. I think she has a lot of things she hasn't dealt with regarding our youth here and our dad etc. For a while I thought mum should just sell it all and get rid of it, because when we talked as a family about what to do with the farm people would end up crying and yelling at each other and nobody would decide anything. I just figured maybe we would be better off moving forward and having this part of our life be a memory.

This is something I have considered while I've been walking around. Mum is actually from the UK and emigrated here with my dad. I keep thinking about how amazing it is that throughout you can just be born and be anybody, then you can meet someone and love them and move to another country, then you are a part of what they have there, what they have created. It becomes yours.  So this is why it has never been easy for mum to make a decision about it. I think that other people might have reacted to the situation differently, but because we are sort of tied to this land by my dad and his family.. and we are sentimental womenfolk.. it took a while. And if you come here... it is so beautiful, and you understand why it is so hard to let go of.

I just think it is incredible that you can be born to be anybody and then life unfolds in this unexpected way and it's terrible but beautiful at the same time. My sister is living in the farmhouse which I am sorta skeptical about at the moment, just because she has so much stuff and it has already spread out into all the different rooms of the house. As I mentioned earlier she can't let go of anything - we are hoarders - and she's just got all this stuff.. And I know I'm pretty much the same which is alarming. People walk into my room and say "you've got so much stuff". I am glad that I am going away so I can downsize and have less stuff, just become more mobile. I think this encourages an understanding of the temporary nature of life, letting go.

In some ways I'm leaving to get away from this confusing part of my life, these memories that have been weighing on my entire family for over 15 years, finally being fully acknowledged, in a way. Although I would kinda like living out in the country, keeping a garden and having chickens and riding a bike around everywhere and playing with dogs and bouncing on a trampoline, especially as it gets warmer. I just can't imagine myself not moving forward and doing my own thing at this time in my life. Being in the city I think... man this is a big place. Then you travel four hours away from the city and you still feel the same way. The whole world is fucking gigantic.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

how to eat healthy/thrifty/easy

since i'm not really working right now i am trying to be more frugal about how i eat whilst also still being healthy. here are some things i have been eating plus pro tips

i have 'just right' because there's a box that's been in my pantry for several months, still good though
milk is cheap enough, it's one of the communal food items in the flat, along with eggs, cheese and toilet paper. we take turns at buying these things
cereal is healthy i think
not like fruit loops or coco pops or anything, the real good oaty, fruity ones
also think i'm gonna buy porridge
put a bit of banana and cinnamon in there
could be real good
oh also cereal is not limited to a breakfast food

baguette w/ cheese and hummus
baguettes are only like $1.50 and at my supermarket and i feel whimsical walking around town with a baguette under my arm
cheese is real expensive but a necessary and versatile food item
butter: i buy 'sunrise' margarine or something
hummus (optional but recommended): hummus is expensive so if you buy it you have to put it on everything

pretty much the easiest and most satisfying food
favourite spreadings are peanut butter, strawberry/rhubarb jam, marmite
have with tea
preferably outside in your garden

mate, just.. bananas

i enjoy the red "original" mi goreng
more about the thrift/ease factor than the health factor
actually it's a good idea to not use the sachets provided and just put other stuff you want in it, like you can use vegetable stock and other herbs etc

tofu salad
heads of lettuce are like $1.50 or something, even cheaper if i get it from the market
grate some carrot into there, at the market i can get like 5 carrots for 80c it's fucking out of control
tofu is pretty expensive, like $5 but you can get 3 or 4 meals out of it
soy sauce to marinate the tofu in, better than just plain ass tofu
various herbs to put in marinade
crispy noodles: idk how much they are, possibly a bit of a lavish purchase but goes real good in salads
basically i just put in whatever else i have in the way of vegetables and salad dressings

roast vegetable salad
just roast up some veges and put them in an effing salad as above

tip: steal food from your parents house, they won't even notice probably

tip: don't be afraid to let other people pay for your food, learn to embrace it

tip: make meals from all the food you have in your cupboard. bound to get something good eventually.

tip: dumpster diving: haven't done this yet but gonna get into it i think

tip: generally just eat fruit and vegetables and bread

tip: get yr fruit/veges from the market, if you live in auckland go to avondale markets. it's a really nice thing to do on a sunday morning, except if you are hungover then it is pretty unbearable. i also get my bread and tofu from here sometimes. so so cheap. also get those $1 kids lucky dip things.

tip: buy the second cheapest brand of a thing, that way you can feel good because you are buying cheap but aren't getting the worst quality possible

anyone else have any good tips?