Sunday, June 14, 2009

red wine

Saturday morning.
Wake up
Try to work out why I am awake
Realise that it's because I have left my blinds open
Sit up
Check the time
Not the right time to be awake
clothes on the ground
unceremoniously thrown off
stumble to the bathroom
Check the damage
Through blurry eyes
have I been in a fight?
my mouth looks bloody
or like an anti-smoking ad
Before the un-ceremony
Before stumbling into bed
Leaving the blinds open
I drank
and I drank.
blood red wine
fingers clasp the glass stem
liquid swirls as i sway
to music, so
visceral and necessary.
empty glass -
stained lips.


Friday, June 12, 2009

Susan, I have devised a new topic: Red wine.

I am currently drinking a glass.

It was $6.99.

Must be written by the end of the weekend.