Monday, April 30, 2012

janet frame 'to the is-land'

"i remember a grey day when i stood by the gate and listened to the wind in the telegraph wires. i had my first conscious feeling of an outside sadness, or it seemed to come from outside, from the sound of the wind moaning in the wires. i looked up and down the white dusty road and saw no one. the wind was blowing from place to place past us, and i was there, in between, listening. i felt a burden of sadness and loneliness as if something had happened or begun and i knew about it. i don't think i had yet thought of myself as a person looking out at the world; until then, i felt i was the world."

Saturday, April 28, 2012


late nights and half moons and drinking in the morning and in the night and never stopping to remember except when i had to sit in the boot and i looked out at the night sky and felt it all and it seemed fucked until my friend passed me a beer and we laughed till our cheeks hurt and we couldn't laugh anymore but somehow we did and we have our arms around each other walking down the street and we are singing and we cook meals and make tea and we play records in the living room and dance around on the hard wood floors and i climb into bed under heavy blankets and i don't want to think of anything and i sit on buses and think of you and i sit on buses and i don't think of you and i feel the sun and i feel the wind and it is cold without a jumper and i listen to music coming out of my laptop and i feel afraid and it is the middle of the night and there is no other body near me

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


- scoop ice creams from the dairy
- cheeky lil rooster that sleeps up a ladder
- patting horse booty
- avocado, cheese and tomato sandwiches w/ salt and pepper on vogels bread
- feijoas
- having to eat vegemite :(((((((((
- walking through gorse bushes to see the sunset
- toots the dog
- learning my friend is a maori chief
- tom and his dad caught 60 fish and we ate fish with chip butties and salad for every meal
- trying to break up a dog fight
- best sleep of my life in a top bunk bed
- rose and max, best couple in the biz
- found a cool gecko, it crawled all over my face heh heh
- tom's cool lil nieces
- seeing a big ass stingray right where we had just been swimming
- fill up a bag for $1 @ whangarei op shop
- went to some natural/thermal mud hot springs
- bought $40 of stuff from op shops (3x jackets, 2x pants (1 corduroy!!), 1x dress, 1x shorts, 1x shirt, 1x beanie, 1x knitted slippers, 2x books about birds)


Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

dreams i've had lately

i kissed your mouth and our teeth merged together

found a whole box of creme eggs

driving in a car, looping around the same track (felt so peaceful, half awake/half-asleep)

an image of myna birds descending from the sky, their wings flapping in unison as they touched the ground

my dog died and i woke up crying

sex dream w [name omitted]

Thursday, April 12, 2012

live blog review of the darjeeling limited

basically just watching this to see more of jason schwartzmann
adrien brody looks like what i think my dad looks like
owen wilson seems like a jerk
want to go to india, mostly for the food
feel suspicious about how these three bros are wearing heavy seeming fabrics
wanna have a tryst with jason s in a train bathroom
musing about brotherly dynamics
seems chill to go on a train journey
this movie is perpetuating my feeling that americans frequently binge on prescription drugs
feels amazing to see these 3 bros in the countryside in india, like who are they irl, esp via the part where jason schwartzmann goes 'would we be friends in real life, if we weren't brothers' seems like a good question to think about
family is weird and interesting
keep expecting bill murray to turn up again, seems unlikely he was only in the first 5 mins
feel like all 3 looked better in india apart from maybe j-schwartz who looks the best of all time
not sure what adrien brody's character is going through yet, want to identify with him though
these people in the village seem beautiful and well adjusted despite that little boy dying, wonder what it would be like for that to be the way of life
why do they all have the same luggage
owen wilson's micromanaging and planning down to the minute reminds me of fraser, almost being overbearing in the most affectionate way
these men seem believably blood related
feel frustrated with this movie becuase the things i perceive to be interesting (man eating tiger, why the girl wanted to get off the train, why jack takes the ipod dock around with him, why francis has a PA, how his shoes cost $3000.) are not elaborated on
oh hello montage
being an actor seems so weird, having to do things with your body and have people tell you what to do with it
also francis seems like fraser via 'let's go get a drink and smoke a cigarette'

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter diet

- pb toast
- 5x girl guide biscuits
- 1x marshmellow egg
- 2x mini choc eggs
- 1x kinder surprise
- 1/4 'jumbo' size kinder surprise
- lunch = avocado on toast, fried mushrooms, tomatoes and courgettes, scrambled eggs
- beer
- fried bread
- dinner = beans, cauliflower, brocolli, courgette and tofu with cous cous
- vodka (straight)
- burnt popcorn
- rum (straight)
- pb toast

Sunday, April 8, 2012

take care

been meaning to do a drizzy appreciation post for a while but seems like posting this video will do for now. effing love that guy, from his awkward rapping style to his dumbass owl icon (jk i love owls). rihanna looks like a weird lil blonde alien in this video though.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

travel poem 2

can you take off work because you feel sad
going to be late, placing too much hope on a bus

feel suspicious that nobody i know has cancer
suspicious i'm going to be the 1 in 3

my eyes are vibrating in their sockets
wish this was a precurser to levitation

not sure what the point of going places is though
bumblebees here seem big

also suspicious of april's sunshine
i want to close my eyes and not open them until you are here

feeling leaden, smelling of honey
getting lipstick on my keyboard right now

Thursday, April 5, 2012


just went to brighton for the most recent any persan halp me reading. it was a fine weekend, very fine indeed. mad props to all the lovely chaps down there & those who came along. legit feel like i am amongst 'true frands' when i am there : )

brighton is a cool place and i had a really good time 

- princess diaries feat. Lord Fricker
- lots of honeys at the bar underneath the bridge
- generally sxc looking ppl in brighton everywhere (including mz tingle, sirs verdonskchot & ruffer etc, the babelist goes on...)
- meeting lovely natalie chin
- sam riviere reading my fave poem of his (no touching
- weird heckler guy who followed natalie to the reading from the beach (i subsequently had a dream about this bro.. in the dream he turned out to be somebody's friend and it was real awkward that we had all been dissing him the entire night) 
- beach tizzimes
- makin subs
- peanut butter shake & pancakes at jb's diner

- seeing a big ass dawg in the street

 - celia cutting my fringe / observing laurens' bi-monthly any persan halp me haircut ritual

- real good curry at momo poko
- carin making the flattest flat white i've had in a loooong time thank u bb
- laurens introducing me to '2 broke girls' 
- buying fudge
- making laurens go into urban outfitters/h&m with me while i bought socks

currently submissions are open for the debut issue of any persan halp me zine. i strongly recommend you send in a lil thing for them, which THANK GOD you can do so right here ANYPERSANHALPMETUMBLR

subs are open, also, for illuminati girl gang

want to listen to 10 hrs of galapagoose