Monday, August 31, 2009

A butterfly
in all its splendour
flies alone

I will admit that this topic left me rather melancholy. Also, I hate American spelling.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dedication; Gustavo Pérez Firmat
from I Eat Poetry

The fact that I
am writing to you
in English
already falsifies what I
wanted to tell you.
My subject:
how to explain to you that I
don't belong to English
though I belong nowhere else.

The topic for this week is: Not belonging.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

from gloom cupboard

Robert Laughlin

There still remain for you and me,
Though all the world exploit us,
Two purest pleasures without fee:
The library and coitus.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One of the best bloggers on the interwebs is Pip Lincolne. She posts so many sweet things I can barely keep up. Cute websites full of owl pictures and other bits of niceness, like this meme thing. I don't even care that everyone loves/knows her blog. I am just reblogging on the offchance that some "random" people who RSS to my blog (in the ideal/fantasy land that I live in I have secret people who subscribe to my blog) will see/read this post and go to her blog and henceforth enjoy all the loveliness that is Meet Me At Mikes.

And here's the stuff that I am doing

Making :
eyes at the television
Cooking :
Drinking :
a book about writers and their lovers/a lot of stuff on google reader
this chair to be more comfortable
at the news
with my empty mousse thingo
does knitting count ?
that there was more mousse
making funnies behind Jason's back
for people
Liking: express media buzzcuts programme for letting me in!!
about the power of towers
my sister's art friends/hayley & amanda's exhibition opening (stay tuned to kym's blog for pictures!!)
Hoping: that I will create some decent ads for this stupid assignment
at the stupidity of Kyle Sandilands
Needing: another cushion for this couch
there's still a waft of kebab scent in the lounge
large flowery retrostar dress
well I guess I'm now following that owl picture website
that everyone is getting into tumblr. what's the deal?
it's bedtime soon
my bum hurts
my sore bum
owl pictures
Opening: up a can o worms
Giggling: about mousse related things
Feeling: like I wanna go see Taking Woodstock. Emile Hirsch + Dimitri Martin!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Wooden objects post time.

I recently acquired a lot of hard rubbish, the most of which is wooden, but I kinda have a few little things around that I love a lot more. Also there are fairly obvious things like musical instruments that I adore (piano & oboe obviously) but I think it's nice to talk about small things sometimes. I also just ran around taking dumb pictures of the things on my phone because there aren't enough pictures on this blog for my liking.

So these are matryoshka dolls that my friend Natasha (the Russian) gave me for my birthday last year. the big one has things hidden inside her. Tasha said her mum made her bring them when she moved here so she could give presents to friends. Lucky meeeeee!

This round box here used to be home to yummy turkish delight that my aunt bought me for Christmas when I was staying with her in this little village in England. Neat. And it wasn't the chocolate covered kind - although that kind is yummy too - but the proper .. icing sugar? coated type. Now it is home to badges and other miscellaneous things (like a key from Stacey that reportedly fits nowhere)

This is Jacki's hairbrush. Last Christmas I asked for a hairbrush and I wanted one like this but I got a crappy plastic round one. Jacki didn't even bloody ask for one and she received this beautiful one. Little bitch! So I kinda just use this when she's not looking.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wooden Things - Stace

Susie says: "let's do a blog post about our favourite wooden objects. up to three things. they don't have to be completely wooden, just mostly woooden."

I'm not sure if the three o's in wooden was a typo or if Susie was just really excited about the whole idea. Basically, I have one wooden thing that I like that I can think of.

That is my record player. It was a gift from my ex-boyfriend. On the lid it has messages from my two best friends and said ex-boyfriend riding on a dragon. Sam, my sig. other, drew a speech bubble connected to said ex saying "I'm fast at sex!" due to his dislike of him.

Apart from the scandal that takes place on the lid, the record player is quite lovely. It also has a CD player, a tape player and a radio player.

Sitting dormant in my record player, is a shiny black vinyl record which states "Townes Van Zandt. Live At The Old Quarter, Houston, TX."

It is relaxing for me to sit in bed and listen to a record; a far better experience than listening to music through the speakers of my laptop. No, this is the real listening experience. The physical, grittiness of the needle running through those grooves, over and over, around and around. Until the needle lays still.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

which way to

6 things that make me happy.

The rules:
Link back to the person who tagged you.
List six little things that make you happy.
Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

1. working at union arts

2. beautiful bookstores (even though they are usually really expensive)

3. getting to sing songs (and play music) really loud when you're home alone

4. hanging around in the uni caf for hours after classes have finished (talking about very little at all with really good people)

5. wandering around Hawthorn on nice days (it's a pretty place to live)

6. toast (noodles also really, but for the sake of sixness, toast wins) with avocado

Nobody is tagging real people & I don't think I have six people who read this blog regularly so I guess if you read this, please do (apart from Stacey, who already did hers)
oh and Chelsea from the really awesome band Teacups started the whole thing