This is a blog written by two friends called Stacey Teague and Susie Anderson.

Stacey resides in England, likes writing, cats and her dumbass friends.

Did poems here:
New Wave Vomit 
The Scrambler
Let People Poems
Voiceworks (print)


Susie is in London doing a funny ole life. She likes baking, crafts and rap music.

Read her writing at
Very Beautiful Women 
For Every Year 1 2
New Wave Vomit
with wool and i

We tweet as @staceteague and @susie_and and contribute to Antipobros.

Occasionally we read poetry to each other and giggle and call it a podcast, which you can get here 1 2 3 4 5 6

In 2011 we made a lit journal called Hands Like Mirrors featuring writers from Australia and New Zealand. You can email if you're interested in getting a copy and watch videos from the launch in Auckland last July here.

We were interviewed by Amber Beilharz on the lovely Metre Maids blog

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