Thursday, January 26, 2012

first five swims of the summer

1. corsair bay, christchurch

the water was real cold, but we stayed in for ages, out in the deep. there was a cool pontoon thing which a bunch of teens were on but they all jumped off when me and alice hopped on. jax and alice are good swim buddies. lots of cool dogs in the water too. one of them was standing on the shore while their owner swam out and then decided he missed him too much and swam a really long way to get to him.

2. muriwai, auckland

bloody love murawai, could have stayed in the water for a long time but my ears started to really hurt and i had to go in. had to dodge a lot of boogie boarders. v. pleased at the variety of crackers/dips supplied by my friends on this beach trip.

3. abel tasman national park

a well-deserved swim as we were walking back from our campsite carrying heavy things and stopped for lunch at a lil beach with lots of rocks. james took ages to 'go under' and i got annoyed and kept splashing him. don't be a bloody wuss. some kayakers went past and wolf-whistled at us. i don't think we were doing anything 'wolf-whistle' worthy or anything.

4. hokitika beach, hokitika

the west coast is pretty wild/unsafe to swim in. we went to two other beaches in the area and wanted to swim but decided it was too dangerous. we read somewhere that only "experienced swimmers" should swim at this beach. i'm probably not an experienced swimmer but i'm pretty used to swimming in rough surf waves. i think we were only in for a little while because it was so rough and the tide kept trying to pull us out. it was really nice and refreshing though.

5. lake mahinapua

we woke up early one morning, went straight to the wharf and jumped into the lake. it was kind of gross b/c i wasn't sure how deep it would be and when i dived in i touched some dank, slimy mangroves. it was okay when you weren't touching them though. it was a really beautiful place to swim, there were snow-capped mountains and things. afterwards we ate honey and banana sandwiches up on the wharf.

Monday, January 23, 2012

best gigs of 2011

sufjan stevens

venue: bruce mason centre
went with: xinia

good: just a real good show, really cool video projections and backup dancers and idk sufjan nailed it

bad: susie and zoe couldn't come b/c it was sold out

campus a low hum

venue: flock house, bulls
went with: zoe, susie

good: seeing transcription of organ music lying down in the grass in the sunshine and the other time with 15 or so people in this really cool old building as the sun was setting, drab doo riffs b/c of phat dancing, sharpie crows, toro y moi, wet wings, others..

bad: nothing i can think of

deer park and dear times waste

venue: wine cellar
went with: petruschka and hannah

good: i have many good and bad memories reclining in amongst the couches at the wine cellar watching bands but this was definitely a good one. red wine happy haze. good in my earholes.

bad: i had work early the next day

the gladeyes

venue: the gladeyes' flat on cross st
went with: hannah

good: got p. drunk and talked to lots of good people, was a fangirl and got gwen from gladeyes to sign my cd and got a pic with her, danced, just felt real nice

bad: the last gladeyes show ever, threw up in public

how to dress well

venue: third and social
went with: mel, laura, hannah, xinia, pet

good: hanging with ma gurlz, tom krell is a babe, suicide dream 2, emoshunal as heck

bad: really bad dj after htdw, saw tom krell smash a bottle of champagne in the street like a diva (maybe this is 'good' idk)

guitar wolf

venue: lucha lounge
went with: sam, matt, louie

good: i rate this gig just because i had a lot of fun, had a real good mosh (who am i...) and got kicked in the face twice by crowd surfers. punkass/rock dat shit. also funny old ass japanese punk guys.

bad: occasionally having to pretend to be interested in sports or gaming via hanging out with dumb boys

Sunday, January 22, 2012


in a dream i reach out to touch you
and the texture of your skin is
the surface of a lake

the mid-morning sun that streams
through my window does not feel
as good as your body with mine

stumbling outside with coffee
i take a cigarette between my fingers and
i watch the smoke move all around me

we put our hands into oceans
and rub the salt water into our skin

sitting on the steps
i feel the shapes of my memories change
like shadows and moving light

your hands
are the only thing that keep my body
from incorporeality

i never remember anything else
but the sensation of skin with skin and
the scent of you

Saturday, January 21, 2012

the last 5 times i went to the cinema

'girl with a dragon tattoo', odeon in camden town, london, uk

i went to see this because i needed to pass some time. it was the only thing on at the time and i was worried i wouldn't like it. but it was pretty good and i got to see daniel craig's bum which pleased me more than i realised it would. generally daniel craig's essence was enjoyable, also a surprise. there were a few pretty horrible rape parts in this film and a lot of rape talk. there was a satisfying conclusion and nudity and motorbikes. snow and smoking.
snacks: chocolate chip biscuits from m&s, beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato crisps from wholefoods
level of sexiness: high, multiple sex scenes - some good, a few rapey

'the artist', the cornerhouse in manchester, uk

my cousin made me see this film. it is a silent film that is currently being 'critically acclaimed' i think. it had similar music to 'citizen kane', which isn't always enjoyable for me. it was loud. i thought it was making interesting 'statements' about the film industry. i told my cousin i didn't really connect with it but have since wondered if that's because i didn't find anyone that attractive in it. but it was a pretty cheesy story. seemed like the director deliberately chose people with big mouths so their facial expressions would convey more emotion. there is a really talented dog in it too.
snacks: none
level of sexiness: pretty low ya'll

'the descendants', BAM in brooklyn, ny

my friend caroline said she cried reading both the book and seeing the film of this. and george clooney is in it. these are two good things. i got a cupcake and took myself to see this film on a sunday night so i felt like i was 'doing something' instead of just staying in. i have tried to explain the plot of this film but it's not  a very exciting plot, just a 'family drama' sort of, set in hawaii. i have been thinking that sometimes the most effective plots are not the ones with the most twists or whatever. in this case that is a true fact. the very VERY end when the credits roll.. i had a lil teary then.
snacks: pre-cinema cupcake, water
level of sexiness: um.. it's effing george clooney. though kissing or sex to speak of. but the daughter is a bit of a honey

'twilight: breaking dawn', palm beach gardens, fl

saw this with jacob's mum and her coworker. i had watched the 3 previous films in bulk over thanksgiving. i think the strongest aspect of twilight is the sense of angst and romantic torment that these films convey. bella and jacob had a lovely wedding. i confess that i have a fairly huge lady boner for young robert pattinson in spite of his eyebrows. these films are rubbish and unmemorable.. but i am totes team jacob.
snacks: none
level of sexiness: omg. edward is so hawny he smashes the whole effing bed around bella. get involved.

'drive', cinema nova, melbourne, aus

me, stacey and ziggy went to see this one afternoon in my last week in australia. the cinema was pretty full and we had to sit away from ziggy which was pretty lucky for him because we gushed about ryan gosling like the whoooole time. he is a full babe. just so manly in it.. bryan cranston is in it and he is truly a king amongst men. we sat next to a guy who was doing really amusing reactions, you know the guy. it has good music.
snacks: none
level of sexiness: dat elevator scene.. maaaan.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

list of cultural activities undertaken over the last 2 months

American Museum of Natural History, NY - pretty legit, lots of dinos and animal displays 8/10

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY - where I discovered my love for Monet 9/10

Museum of Sex, NY - lotsa nekkid bodies and porn etc. gettin that lief education 8/10

NBC studio tour, NY - 8.5/10

Brooklyn Museum, NY - went on a 'Target Free Saturday' and people were dressed up in 20s gear to celebrate a current exhibition. big ole reproductions of architecture from different parts of america ie freaky empty houses 7.5/10

Museum of the Moving Image, NY - saw Jim Henson exhibition & lots of old ass cameras/radios/tvs. real legit. also has a white ass foyer. 10/10

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY - real intimidating amount of things at this museum, only went because spencer madsen told me to. worth it though, saw some cool old armour 8/10

The UN, NY - we had a Peruvian tour guide. he had a real cool accent. he inspired me, Emma and Caz to change the world 10/10

Guggenheim Air & Space Museum, DC - lots of airplanes/spaceships, saw a wright brothers plane. had a supreme hangover whilst visiting, so only like 7/10

also in DC I went inside the Senate, which has museum-esque qualities, and a whole bunch of memorials and things

additionally went to the 9/11 Memorial & accompanying exhibits

Empire State Building at night time - is smaller than it seems in 'Sleepless in Seattle' but a worthwhile thing to do. except for make sure you go at night to avoid crowds. 7.5/10

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff - pretty nice, learnt some stuff about lava and the earth but the exhibitions were kinda old 7.5/10

Quarry Bank Mill, Manchester - seems like it has a lot of money put into it, there were heaps of old machines. it was kewl I guess. 7/10

People's Palace, Glasgow - full of arbitrary exhibits, largely not working. makes up for strange exhibits by being in a real nice building 6/10

Riverside Museum, Glasgow - heaps of touch screens and real nice cars. kirsty got me a lil penny with a motorbike on it. bought a neat tote bag 8.5/10

marble eyes

the moon was bright and i could see your face above mine and i thought maybe the sun did not set but i walked outside and said, "the moon, the moon!" and we looked at it, how it illuminated the landscape and our bodies, putting our heads together saying "wow wow wow" and feeling excited about the moon and the night and each other and how these were the only things that mattered at all

Saturday, January 14, 2012

i'm back

today i arrived home and found an envelope addressed to me and in it was just this polaroid

feels nice to be back at the shack, swept the pathway outside and listened to records all afternoon

tonight i am going to try to convince my friends to come to a dolly parton covers night with me

i will post more about summer tizzimes when i am not so tired/sad

just bloody sad mate

Thursday, January 12, 2012


experiencing a trajectory something like cardiff --> liverpool --> manchester --> glasgow

want all my shoes to look 'noncommittal'

"notes from national museum of wales
old ass fossils from australia
like how lava works, it's like earth's innards coming up to say hello
um... woah... @volcanoes
'life confined to the sea'
subtropical tizzimes ~300 mil yrs ago
hey lil dino
dank ass mammoth robot"

just want to look at monet for the rest of my life, such a legit painter

head spin via bathtime

idea for a zine: ode to tescos

woman on the bus has a wig on

Monday, January 2, 2012

top 5 2011 things

1. antipobros
2. working at bird rescue
3. the shack
4. hands like mirrors launch
5. writing a lot of poetry

2011 was a bomb ass year

also hi i'm in wellington, it's nice here

1 follower

wake up feeling like i want to abandon all ideas of having a 'career' and start a bakery or dessert house

in my possession: 6-7 books, 6-7 notebooks (2 full, 1 in use, 4 unused), 1 2012 diary, 2 digital cameras, phone, laptop, ipod, clothes, 2 balls of wool, 4 crochet hooks, 1 pair knitting needles, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 scarves. makeup. £200 cash.

feel like i want to write a collection of short stories about travel, but i wouldn't even want to read that maybe

just cut short a panic attack as i have work in the morning

get heavily invested in a mini series of 'great expectations' / "the agony of a broken heart is exquisite. you want to die but you just keep living, day after day" - miss havisham

wondering how you felt that night

begin to understand how fully you can miss a place, start seeing the next couple of months unfolding in europe,

but it always feels like i'm here, writing

remembering airport desperation

feel bemused by liberal and serious use of terms of endearment in couples

like having my tea made without people asking me how i like it, feels nice to have someone else in control of that

getting good at listening to old people via all the people who live in my auntie and uncle's village

just thinking that 'dishwater gray' - specifically with an a, not an e - really describes my emoshuns right now

want to be reading but to not have my eyes doing the reading

vivdly transport myself back to mundane 2011 things like rummaging for my student card in my bag to get into the lab at uni or looking out for the bus on johnston street

international text messaging

trying to count to 30 in french to get to sleep, no way of knowing if i got it right

welsh accents...