Friday, December 31, 2010

Why I Love Susie: Part 3

Last night I was feeling pretty bummed out so I decided to get out my old notebooks and old letters from Susie.

Me and Susie have been friends for roughly 5 years. In this time we have sent a lot of packages to one another due to the fact that there is an ocean between us. I txt Susie saying: "I am going through all the stuff you have sent me. I love you. I am getting emotional lol". Me and Susie have said we should stop using 'lol' but I just can't, feel like it adds a lot to that message. The following is an excerpt from one of Susie's letters:

"Dear Chan Marshall,

Yours is the kind of music I'll listen to when I'm 36 and want to teach my kids stuff. Like my mum did with Joan Armatrading, is that okay? Right now I can smell bananas and I can hear the morning, you know, even though I don't live near the sea, I can hear it in the hollow breeze. There really is such a thing as a hollow breeze, you know it. Holds promises. Promises of another day. And just a day is enough. That's all we can ask for anyhow.

You're like a teleporter, did you know?"

I understand but I don't agree with this theorem. A wine glass clearly has two halves, the handle and the, erm, bit that the wine goes in. You are absurd.

Also, Happy NY. Thank you for reading our blog in 2010. We really appreciate it. I want to hug each and every one of you and maybe kiss you full on the mouth if you'll let me. See you in 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

my summer reading list

i feel like summer is a good time for me to get back into good reading habits. here is a list of books i aim to read over the summer:

a general theory of love / thomas lewis, fari amini, and richard lannon (currently reading) (bought from unity books)
loneliness as a way of life / thomas dumm (currently reading) (bought from readings in melbourne)
seeing further: the story of science and the royal society / edited by bill bryson (borrowing from brad) (currently reading)
the fry chronicles / stephen fry (xmas present from sam)
heart of darkness / joseph conrad (bought from jasons books)
how we are hungry / dave eggers (bought from borders)
brother of the more famous jack / barbara trapido (borrowing from susie)
love is a dog from hell / charles bukowski (borrowing from oxana)
good morning, midnight / jean rhys (bought from jason's books)
junky / william s. burroughs (borrowing from kiki)
nuncle and other stories / john wain (borrowing from ali)

weirdly enough, i don't ask to borrow these books, people always seem to give them to me in a 'i just thought you would like this' kind of way, which is nice.

doubt I will read all of these, but I am ever hopeful.

a virgin's guide to making macarons

On boxing day I made my first batch of macarons and they were successful. This might be because I watched a video about making them or because I am some sort of genius. I think that if you do a bit of reading about them then just choose one recipe and follow it really well you will succeed. But because I have made them twice and they have worked both times, I feel somewhat qualified to give advice to macaron newbies.

This is a summary of the things you do when making them.

1. Separate and age egg whites.
2. Combine dry ingredients, seive to make super fine
3. Make meringue mix using castor sugar
4. Add dry ingredients to meringue (with colouring/flavouring if required)
5. Pipe onto tray and leave for an hour
6. Cook for 15-17 mins
7. Make desired filling and pipe into shells when cool

Below are more explicit instructions which I hope help you avoid any macaron stress.

First, you can't be in a hurry when you want to make macarons. You have to age your egg whites at least overnight but preferably for a few days. Separate about 4 egg whites (3 if you have bigguns) and leave them in the fridge for a couple of days (or just on the bench if you're doing 24 hrs).

When they're ready, organise your dry ingredients. Put 110g almond meal and 200g icing sugar (if you're making chocolate ones or if you have powdered food colouring, put your cocoa/coloured powder in now as well, about 3 tablespoons is good cause they get lighter when they cook) into a food processor and whizz that shit til all the lumps are gone. Take it out and sieve it to get out the lumpy bits from the almonds. Set aside.

Measure out 90g of your egg whites into another bowl. With an electric handwhisk, beat them for about 30 seconds til they're foamy. Still whisking, add 25g castor sugar (I've used just white sugar and it works fine). Whisk this til it's shiny and looks like shaving cream. It takes about 4-5 mins. If you've made pavlova or meringues before, then you're looking for something that looks like that.

Add the almond/sugar mix to your meringue mixture. It doesn't really matter which way you do this - you can break up the eggs with a few spoons of the dry ingredients if you want, but basically you just want to combine the two without overbeating, so you can put it all in at once if you want. If you want to colour them with liquid food dye, put a few drops in now.

Now when it's all combined it should be quite sticky and heavy. People say it looks like lava, but I have never seen lava before (and it frankly baffles me that so many cooks just understand lava as a reference point) so if you pick up a spoon of it and try to make a point but the point disappears back into the mix, then it is about right.

Line two trays with baking paper (or silicone tray lining things if you have those) and ready yourself for piping. People who know stuff about piping bags would know the correct term for which nozzle to use, but I just suggest the one that looks kinda like a star. If you put a tiny nozzle on then you will be piping for ages and your arm will start hurting and it will be harder to get nice circles. Stand the bag up in a tall glass while you fill it.

While you pipe, hold the nozzle in the centre on the bottom of the tray and let the mixture sort of seep outwards. Gives you nice round circles. It's up to you how big you make your macarons - that will determine how many you end up with. Diameter of mine averages out to about 3cm I think and I've managed to get about 44 shells out of a mix.

Me piping with a too small nozzle.

At this stage, you gotta leave those puppies sitting out for at least 30 minutes. They're meant to develop a "skin" and this is how your macarons get "feet" (I don't know the science for it, but the gooey insides like push the "skin" away from the tray and that's what the feet is). Basically the longer you leave them the better. An hour is good.

You need a slow oven to cook these guys, so preheat your oven to about 150 degrees. You do have to know your oven though, so if it is a hottie, scale it back appropriately. They take about 17 minutes to cook or some shit like that - again it depends on how big you piped them - but check them at 15 minutes to see how they're going.

After taking them out of the oven, you might find they don't come away from the baking paper. People say to steam them off the tray which just involves taking the macarons off the tray with the paper, spraying the tray with water, then putting the macarons back on the tray. I have not tried this though, I just wait til they're cold and gently lever them off with a spatula.

Macarons with their little feet.

And after they're cold, fill them with whatever your heart desires. I've heard of people putting jam inside them, but that sounds weird and gross. Ganache is really good. Boil a quarter of a cup of cream and pour over like 125g of chocolate (white chocolate is quite good) and combine. You can pipe this too, but it's just as easy to spread if you're gentle. The shells are a bit delicate though.

Leaving the macarons before eating them is a good idea because the filling seeps into the shell and makes it uber uber tasty. I can't tell you how long they last for though because people just eat them all up. They are actually the best thing ever.

These were my second batch. They are super chocolatey.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

i am alone and i read internet things and think about myself and try

I just read about Robert Downey Jnr on wikipedia. I have always found him attractive. When I think of him I think "I want to see Due Date" then I think "me and so-and-so were meant to see it but now I bet I won't see him for a while" I consider txting him to organise the movie anyway. I think "he looks a bit like RDJ" (I think the acronym) then I remember that comedy band I saw at Will Ma manor with someone else when we went together and how I wore my pinafore and I was freezing and he only kissed me goodbye and did not walk me all the way home. I wonder if I could publish this as 'bad poetry' on the blog and whether I would take out people's names and whether these thoughts are poetic at all, could people care about this?

one day I woke up with scratches behind my ear
first I thought it was a rash
then I thought maybe I had been raped and drugged

I do not have sharp nails and
I do not have a cat but
I have a bracelet made of peg wires
I guess I sleep with my hands behind my neck

I kept my hair down because people exclaimed
I like that they thought "stuff" about my neck
I liked to touch the scratches
they were a mystery to me

I liked that maybe I would have interesting mysterious neck scars
The scars seemed like a gift
I like all the scars that I have
There are scars on my left arm because I am right handed

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a string of statements to form a questionable poem

listening to the mountain goats
my blog has been viewed 48 times today
i feel like dying

Monday, December 27, 2010

day in review: saturday 25 december

Arose 9.50am, did presents with sisters and mum. Received mostly fine gifts, but a SWEET AS BIKE (see Stacey's post for pic) so 9/10 I would say. Had a breakfast muffin then began cooking epic dinner for family.
Entre: melanzane parmigiana (eggplant parma) 10/10
Main: roast chicken with vegies / glamorgan sausages (leek and cheese welsh style sausages for my vegie sis) with sage stuffing - fucking best thing I've ever made in my whole life 10/10
dessert: pear tart with white christmas tea (from T2) syrup and mascarpone only 8/10 because I forgot to blind bake the pastry and it was slimy, but the pears were utterly magnificent
the eating and cooking took up much of my day but I'm glad because otherwise it would have been a bit weird and boring. alice downloaded music like the supremes and the ronettes and the temptations so we were all singing and listening to motown stuff whilst eating chrimbus dinner 10/10.
after that, me and my sister watched singing in the rain which is a really good movie, it's actually hilarious 10/10
had a lengthy skype chat with my home gurl stacey 10/10

Alice and I then attempted to watch sherlock holmes starring robert downey jnr but it kept skipping to weird places and mum attempted to fix it to no avail 3/10 I wanted to go for a ride on my new bike and look at christmas lights so my sisters and I hopped on our bikes, played music on alice's new itouch and went for a ride even though we had 1.5 helmets between us 10/10. we cranked biebs and first aid kit and yelled merry christmas at the young folk 10/10.
returning home, alice worked her magic on sherlock holmes and we watched robert downey in all his sexiness for about an hour then fell asleep 10/10.

the romantic by poncho peligroso

the romantic by poncho peligroso is 92 pages of a pdf

it starts with a poem called 'epilogue, part 1' and then a little later there is 'epilogue, part 2'
in these there are things like:

"i wanted you to always be just about to leave
I wanted you to always be lit by the setting sun"

"i like being around you and talking to you"

feel like i can relate to these feelings, which is good when you are reading poetry, i think.

it goes through poems written in each month of the year. in may he writes a poem called 'baby, you got it all' and i like it because it uses the word jurisdiction and talks about owning someone's heart but not really owning it.

sometimes he talks about modern things like emoticons and facebook and wireless keyboards and blog stats and fail as a verb.

he says:

"i want to fall so in love
that i can feel myself getting dumber"

sometimes he is funny

he uses 'lol' once

there are less poems about romance than i think there is going to be considering the title

scrolling down this pdf document is hurting my wrist

he has a poem called 'determinism is the only philosophical concept that i worry about on a regular basis'. i can dig this. i remember in my psych class when the tutor said, "hate to break it to you but we actually have no free will" and everyone was really shocked. in his poem he talks about how the idea of fate is both comforting and terrifying. he uses the term 'confirmation bias'. he says that life is structured like a river.

in august he writes a poem called 'i want to have unprotected sex with you forever' which is about giving into our biological urges probably. he says 'i want to marriage the fuck out of you'. he says 'BAM BAM BAM FIDELITY'. it amuses me.

one of my favourites is 'good morning honey' and i like it just because it is quite sweet but realistic:

"statistics point overwhelmingly towards
our dreams never coming true
i hope you are okay with this
i love you
i think you're very pretty"

i would like someone to write a poem like this about me one day.

he says:

"my god you smell good
you shouldn't like me
i'm a wreck these days"

it reminds me of something.

also in august, he writes a poem called 'you say it first' and i like it a lot:

"emailed you
saw an email
one new message
heart beat loud
and i know now:
borders has a sale

i miss you so much."

i like it because i have emailed someone and i have waited and i have had borders emails at inopportune times, and I have heard my heart beating, and i have missed someone. sometimes there is beauty in just putting words down on a page, and they don't have to be poetic or anything. they just have to come from the right place.

the last poem is 'the romantic'. it ends with the word 'please' centred, and alone on a page.

it is a fitting end.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


i feel something inside of me start to shift
like how i know when the weather is about to change
from sunshine to rain
it's raining
it's goddamn pouring

i know myself

Day in review 25/12/10

I woke up at around 9am. I got up and made some toast and then went into the lounge and me and my dad watched a bit of The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas; it was pretty bad (3/10). My sister joined us in the lounge and we opened a couple of presents. My mum got me an ampersand book end, which is actually pretty cool (8/10) and Sex and the City 2 on DVD (1/10, but it made me lol so maybe 4/10). Then I gave my dog a bath, and when I was drying her she kept trying to hump the towel (0/10 for dog weirdness). Then I had a shower, got dressed, cleaned, and started helping my mum in the kitchen. All pretty standard christmas day stuff. My family show up at about 11.30, and we prepared food and sat around talking. More family showed up. We ate lunch, and I had way too much, naturally (2/10, but also 10/10 at the same time). We opened presents after lunch. I got cool tea stuff and underwear, socks and money. I also got an inane amount of candy etc. Then we had dessert, and I had some pavlova, trifle and a gingerbread lady (9/10 for yum in my tum). Sam calls me mid way through dessert and we talk for about 15 minutes; he got a slow cooker christmas (9/10 for easier access to slow cooked meats). At about 3.30pm we went to my grandma's house where my dad's side of the family were. I helped set up skype on my grandma's laptop and then we all talked to my aunty from Sydney. My cousins made me laugh a lot (10/10 for sweet as cousey bros). I felt my sister's baby kick for the first time, it was so strange and magical (10/10). We stayed there until about 7pm. When we got home we had leftovers and watched The Brothers Grimm, it was okay (7/10). Then I had an hour long skype date with Susie (see pictures below), we laughed, we cried, it was an emotional roller coaster ride (not really) (10/10). Afterwards I talked to Sam because he was having "girl issues", and I went to bed at 12:30am. Great day - 9/10.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

dinosaur friends

i'm glad i have friends that will talk about dinosaurs with me
and when i say "hey i can just imagine dinosaurs in this landscape"
they don't make fun of me
they imagine it too
and when i wonder how big a t-rex is
they stop to figure it out
and we ask our friend brad
and he thinks about it
and gives us an approximation
and we say "wow that is big"
then i tell them about how i watched a documentary
where an ankylosaurus kills a t-rex
and the t-rex babies stand by her while she dies
and they keep making squealing noises
and it made me really sad
then we talk about how dinosaurs lived for longer than we have
and that one day we will be extinct too
we stop to think about that for a second
then i say "rawrrrrrrrrrrr"
and we keep on walking

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


i closed my laptop
i rang a friend
i cried

my friend and i walked
we talked about memory and atheism
we smoked

our tofu was silken and delicious
we did not finish our food
we left a $3.60 tip

we are the same kind of interested in each other

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


i have really bad letters in my scrabble game, all vowels, goddamn it

made important life decision at 12:38am

i have eleven tabs open on my firefox browser

there are more good days than bad days

i want to write a series of poems about dinosaurs

the smell of sunscreen on skin

my dad is humming a george michael song, shame dad

i've forgotten what my favourite things are

no one knows me like you do

here i am, looking up turkey puns on the internet

i flail my arms around wildly and my cat thinks i'm weird

i am wearing socks in bed and it is summertime

i'm going to write a poem and call it 'mammalian loneliness'

some of my poems got published here, and that's nice

Monday, December 20, 2010

some australian colloquialisms

no wuckas - this means no worries and is abhorrent. I say it in jest from time to time

yeah nah - apparently we share this with NZ. Most people will say "yeah", trail off, then say "nah" to start up the sentence again.

full on - often means "to assail one directly". eg "he came at me full on in the face". Or, can simply mean "totally" eg "we full on won that game". Alternatively, it can mean something that was really intense.

fuck off - refers to the scale of something, in terms of how intimidating it is. Like, "a big fuck off bag off lollies" or "she had some crazy fuck off tittehs"

mate - yes, we do say mate in this country. In my experience though, pretty much only men can pull off the mate. I said it on Friday night when this guy was asking me and my friends for some change and I think I did an okay job. It felt like a good way to let him down and make him go away, but seem kind at the same time. Saying mate is authoritative and reassuring, and lets the recipient know that your intentions are good.

g'day - almost in the same league as mate, but slightly less. I don't really know many people who use this term.

youse - plural form of you, typically used by "bogans" or the uneducated. I just saw it on facebook spelt like "use".

no worries - this is kinda like "you're welcome" or "sure". One often uses it to receive thanks

thongs - flip flops or jandals in NZ

fairo - Australians have a tendency to add an o on the end of words, like "righto" or "Tommo" or "Jacko". saying fairo is a less uptight way of saying "fair enough" and makes one feel slightly egyptian

trackies - trackpants. comfortable for lounging.

shit son! - expresses surprise or is a general exclamation. Also used by me in jest.

bogan - there are a few different types of bogans. They usually wear thongs with trackies, or ugg boots with leggings and talk about their pregnancy loudly on the train, whilst drinking some sort of bourbon and cola drink before 10am.

I should make it clear that nobody actually says "you flamin' galah" here!

NZ colloquialisms

Westie: One who dwells in West Auckland. More commonly associated with being a bogan, or Outrageous Fortunes. These people can mostly be found in suburbs such as Massey, Glen Eden, Henderson, Ranui, and Sunnyvale. I grew up in West Auckland, but am not a 'Westie'.

'Hard out' or 'hard': When in agreement with a colleague, you may reply by saying 'hard' or 'hard out'. There is usually some emphasis put on 'hard', e.g. 'haaarrrrd'. I sometimes say this because I think it's funny, hard out funny aye.

Mean: Usually pronounced 'meeeeeean' and more often than not, is followed by 'bro'. Similar to 'hard out' in that one would use this word after hearing a statement they are in agreement with, or which gives them some pleasure.

Choice: A typically kiwi word, I think. Similar to 'mean'. When you think something is 'choice', I imagine you would quite like the thing in question, be it an object, an act or an idea. E.g. "I think your dress is choice bro." (Bro is optional).

Chur: Similar to mean or choice. Used when you think something is 'choice' or as an alternative to 'thank you'. E.g, When you're chilling with your bros, and one of your bros makes you some toast, you can say 'chur' or 'chuuuuuurrrr'.

I reckon: I don't know if this is a typically kiwi thing to say but I hear people (kiwis) saying it a lot and with gusto. For e.g. when you agree with something one of your bros says, you'd be like 'I reeeecken'.

Sweet as: 'Sweet' or 'sweet as' is similar to most of these other words. It is used to confirm that something is okay, or to communicate that something is good. E.g. "I'm going to be a bit late" "Sweet as". Also, adding 'as' to things is kiwi as.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A video post to say there will be no more video posts

Rainy Sunday = writing, chilling with my dog and listening to garage rock.

a sunday poem


okay so maybe i'm not okay with this
i thought i was but then
i saw something
that set off
one million
inside of my
liver &
prompting me to think
"okay so maybe i'm not okay with this"
and then rushing to my computer
with the feeling
still berating
my insides

Friday, December 17, 2010

20 received texts from 2010

so I started compiling this much earlier in the week and it seemed funnier/like a better idea. I got bored because I've got like 1200+ saved txt messages. these are my favourite ones that I was bothered enough to select. If you sent me one of these txts and would like me to take it down to "protect" you, just say so and I shall replace it with something like "where are you?" "what time are we meeting" or "hey, you wanna get lunch tomorrow" or something equally riveting.


Hi susw mtv

Today i just really do not want to be amongst the living

Wtf my train just hit a cow. GaY

But then I have to cc tally socituly infract

Sam and i just broke up. I will email you tomorrow.

Hey babez, you bizy 2mz arvo? Thort I mite pop round n drop of dat cardiii n pik up mai dress. Luv u biatch xoxoxoxo

Your zines make me smile!

mmmmmmh! (gets in cause it's from mum)

I am now with boyfriend. Swoon.

You can't say that and not explain! Are you ok? I am having an inspiring time. But susan, i have realised that i am almost never alone and i don't know what to say to myself.

Unassuming ey? You'd be the one assuming I don't like it

Oh god, alarming flows seem to be a trending topic #myflowisheavy

Lol. Did you just butt dial me?

Play some sc with me

Please don't feel upset/disheartened. Let me work out some shit in my head, and then I'll talk to you. I had a fun night/morning :)

Oh lord. Did he cry? Or indicate that intercourse might ease his pain?

kick ass and grown ups. Both not too bad! I probs need to leave the house to procure dinner but I really don't wanna to have to put on a bra and/or shoes

I just saw 3 rats.

Nevermind what's "in" susan. The dutch have been wearing them for centuries

Omg Kfc sell roasted corn. This is totally our influence i feel.

Omg I'm in a reasonably attractive businessmen sandwich! I'm surrounded by them!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sometimes I feel afraid that I will die
while spending time with someone
I don't like.

Maybe I'll be in class
with that annoying girl
who always talks about Glee,
and I fall off my chair and crack my head open.

Or I'll be at a party with the girl who
is telling me that she wants a career in marketing
and I get alcohol poisoning and pass out and die.

Or I'll be in line at a Burger King
behind a guy who keeps saying
'hard out bro'
without a trace of irony,
and I slip on the wet floor
and I am taken to hospital
and I never wake up again.

Maybe I'll be with that boy
that I regretted ever kissing.
Or with the cousin that stole my barbie dolls
when we were kids.
Or with the creepy aunty
who sells weed.

I don't want to be with
the co-worker who was cruel to me or
the stranger who made fun of me or
the neighbour who never said hi to me or
the girl who never understood me or
the teacher who never encouraged me or
the boy who never loved me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

get ready for love

the thought of eating this caramel koala is making me nauseous

i just had to look up how to spell nauseous

tonight i saw a shooting star and afterwards jumped up and down in excitement

i think i am attracted to people who have an unquantifiable sadness

i noticed that your hand was shaking and i wondered if i was the kind of girl that makes boys nervous

a high school girl just pulled a west side at me from a bus

i wish i meant more to you than a text message

i never know when it is appropriate to hug someone

in your car, there are always beer bottles clinking under the seats

i picked my friend a bunch of daisies from my backyard and she put them in her hair

i spend a lot of my life reading poems on the internet

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New topic

Hello. Since all the excitement from my Melbourne trip has died down, it is time for a new weekly topic. Susie suggested "colloquialisms" for the writing topic and I suggested "reading an excerpt from the book you are reading" for the video post. Incorrect ways to use speech marks probz, but this is da internet, a place that is more often than not, grammatically incorrect.

My life currently involves quite a lot of:
Salty hair, various dips, beer, sunburn, books, exciting emails, zines, adventures, writing furiously, lovely people, and cats.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Stace: i am listening to coldplay
Susie: ahahaha
Stace: want to put my headphones on to crank it
Stace: fuck, this could compromise my last fm stats
Susie: haha how much do you plan to listen to them?
Stace: most of parachutes probs
Stace: really getting into this
Stace: when you shivuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh
Stace: uhhhhh uhhhhhh
Susie: lol i must join you
Susie: but i only have some tracks from parachutes!!!
Stace: this is the best convo ever
Susie: i look in your direction
Susie: but you pay me no attention do you
Susie: did you want me to change? well i'll change for good
Stace: i'll be there by your side, just you try to stop meeeeee
Susie: i'll always be waiting for you :)
Stace: sweet guitar riff bro
Susie: omg yellow.... YUS
Susie: (these are weird but moving lyrics)
Stace: oh sheeit, i have a live version of clocks
Stace: basically singing out loud now
Stace: we have the best taste
Susie: clocks is fucking ace
Susie: hahahaha
Stace: air drumming
Stace: i hope my parents don't hear me listening to coldplay and think that i am uncool

fuck lonely

today in a bookshop i saw this book called
"loneliness as a way of life"
and i think i will go back and buy it
because it might make me feel better,
more meaningful or something.
in the blurb it says that loneliness
leads to true autonomy
and that it is only through loneliness that we can
become true and rational beings.
i don't want to be fucking lonely.


i send you a text message at exactly 11.30pm
and exactly one minute later regret sending it

sometimes i worry that i text you too much
then i remember i am teaching myself to be normal
and i've taught myself that normal people don't think this much

my heart beats fast, anticipating your reply
then i write this

Monday, December 6, 2010

Question video post

Here is the video we made when I was in Melbourne. Sorry that we are lame. Also the editing is pretty bad, as I did it mostly at the airport. Are we "ironically" listening to Kanye? That is for you to decide. Sometimes I forget whether I really like something or if I just ironically like it. It's getting a bit like that these days. Anyway, enjoy our faces and voices. It's 6 minutes long though, so you can give it a miss if you want.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

day in review: friday third of december

Woke up about 8am feeling dehydrated and "hungover" 1/10, sourced advil to fix the malady and awake two hours later feeling decent yet tired 4/10. Stacey and I headed to Southern Cross to get a train to Geelong and approved of the sunnyness of the day, things were looking good 6.5/10 (only 6.5 because during this train trip I am internally feeling like a dummy re: the previous evening & other "complicated" feelings/emotions). My friend Amy met us at the train station and took us to a cute cafe where we ate pretty good breakfast 7/10. I forgot my sunnies so Amy stopped by her awesome new place to pick up some I could have a loan 9/10 for generosity, also top marks for Amy's awesome place. Amy then drove us to Torquay and we listened to Best Coast on the way 9.5/10, in high spirits despite the looming alarming clouds, complete with lightning (9/10 for coolness). Torquay was still sunny and lovely, the beach was great even though we just waded. We ate ice cream on the grass and ran into a high school friend. The clouds passed over us without any rain - 10/10 for timing. We found this really warm bit of water near a little river thing which I would give 10/10 if it wasn't slightly weird so 9/10. Then we walked up to this lookout thing and all these flies kinda circled us, Stacey did not like it and I became quite thirsty plus the ground was a bit sharp 5/10. Drove back to Geelong and stopped in at the Mill Markets to look at awesome "vintage" stuff - 8 for stuff, 2 for not being able to afford stuff. Amy took us back to the train station just as it started pouring down and I mean POURING, 9/10 for powerful rain. Back in Melbourne we had chinese for dinner and I felt really refreshed after drinking some lemonade 8/10. I felt very tired and wanted to sleep, but instead Stacey and I watched a film called Monsters which turned out to be rather crap, as if we were constantly waiting for something to happen 3/10. On the plus side I finished a little teacup that I was crocheting 10/10. Then we watched Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry talk about A Bit of Fry and Laurie in a reunion special which is so 10/10 I will paste the video below.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

that ol' chestnut

on the plane, the guy next to me is watching some will farrell movie and i am watching a documentary about dinosaurs

we are drinking beer and sitting on fake grass

i just watched up in the air and it made me feel incredibly lonely

people only ever want to hear about when you are happy, not when you are sad, but i'll take anyone either way

i am anti-flirtatious

i am standing up on a crowded train and i don't feel awkward

never drink a bottle of wine and then eat a lot of indian food

tonight i cried really hard because i suddenly remembered what it was like to fall asleep next to someone you love

i got home and just thought 'i don't want to be here'