Friday, May 29, 2009


I was sitting here thinking about what on earth I could write about eggs. Then I thought, well, a wise man once said that if you can't write about eggs, write about how you can't write about eggs. Or something.. At first I thought of the physical appearance, unbroken: smooth, brown and fragile, broken: liquid, clear and gooey, cooked: yellow and white. Then on TV, Bender was making a cake with eggs. Then I remembered that Sam made eggs for breakfast. There was this whole new egg world that I was suddenly taking notice off. Funny how we only see things when we are looking for them.

From what I gather there is no strict criteria about the way in which we express a topic, let me know if this is kosher.



It must be a
long train ride
for the woman
peeling a hard boiled egg

one one one

hi everyone.

this blog is going to come back with a vengence (I hope)

Stacey Teague and I will be maintaining this blog across the (Tasman? I never know which one is the one between NZ and Aus) sea. 

said sheI was thinking that we should start some sort of writing exercise thing just between us. Like choose a topic and we both have to write about it, whether it’s prose, poetry or just opinion. Let me know if you’re interested.

said I: Onto your idea. I think that’s a good idea! I reckon it should somehow be separate from our emails. Do you have a google account? If you do, I can set you up as a contributor on my blogspot and we can post our responses there maybe? I think that’s possible. I mean I know we both hate blogspot, but it’s essentially a blank canvas as I rarely use it these days. How would we choose topics?

and um here we are.

Topic of the day: eggs
deadline: 5pm Aus time
stupid things that Susie only just realised recently: Katy and Luke Steele are related! & The opening line of Girl in Port is "let fall your soft and swaying skirts" NOT "look for your soft and swaying skirts"
horrid thing seen on the way home from work: an old man hosing a possum in a tree
favourite moment of Thursday: hearing Olsen Olsen as I walked past Polyester

anyway, let the egg-tries commence!