Thursday, July 23, 2009

Since Susie was blogging about Melbourne, I’d though I’d say a bit about the city I live in, Auckland.

I have lived in Auckland my whole life and feel quite at home here. I know all of the nooks and crannies of this city and it brings me great joy. Some places in particular that I like are:

- The Laingholm, Titirangi area. It is close to where I grew up though it is not too far out of the city to make you feel out of touch with humanity. It is a peaceful place nestled away in the bush, it has an arty sort of feel and the people are so lovely.

- West coast beaches such as Piha, Murawai, Bethells. These beaches are perhaps half an hour drive from civilization but they are quite beautiful. To me, they are what all beaches should be; the booming waves, idyllic surroundings, BLACK sand – all the things that I grew up with.

- K Rd (aka Karangahape Road). I suppose you could call in the cultural centre of Auckland, strangely enough, it is also our red light district. As I now live just off K rd, I am quite used to the medley of strange characters that dwell on the road; the raving lunatics, the homeless, the drunks, the transvestites, the prostitutes and the hipsters. Mostly they keep to themselves. There are a wide variety of op shops, art galleries and cafes – everything a hipster needs.

- Waiheke Island. To get here, you catch a ferry from downtown Auckland; this will take you 30 minutes. The island is actually quite vast; but there are the few popular places that people mostly go to. Whenever I go there, I feel such a wonderful sense of community and it is a very arty community at that. Known for its vineyards and quiet beaches, it is really the ideal place for me.


  1. NZ sounds beautiful and really serene and picturesque and just plain sick. I want to go :)

  2. this makes me miss Auckland... still the best city in the world to me