Friday, February 15, 2013

poddy #8

hello it's another gigglepod featuring some poems
v erotic edition via feb 14th and also our massive horn for u, our listeners

feat pomes by Michael ScarboroughTina Brown Celona, Wendy Xu, Philip Larkin, Ashleigh Cook, Daniel Bailey, Bianca Stone, Tanya Rao, Russ Woods, Ashley Opheim, Moon Temple, Laurens VerdonkschotLucy K Shaw, Natalie Chin and Zachary Schomburg, Diane Marie and Melissa Broder

+ special guests Laurens Verdonkschot reading Sam Riviere and Diane Marie reading Crispin Best

you can also listen to previous podcasts here

sorry we are dumb hehe


  1. listening to this in the kitchen whilst making lunch with all the windows and doors open <3

  2. been conferring with people re: the way to say necklace. neck-lass and neck-layse are both accepted in aus. no discrimination there. however there are other words where the way you do emphasis can indicate the state you were born in.. graph/grass/dance/transform etc