Friday, April 13, 2012

dreams i've had lately

i kissed your mouth and our teeth merged together

found a whole box of creme eggs

driving in a car, looping around the same track (felt so peaceful, half awake/half-asleep)

an image of myna birds descending from the sky, their wings flapping in unison as they touched the ground

my dog died and i woke up crying

sex dream w [name omitted]


  1. sex dreams are funny. once i had one while sleeping next to someone and it wasn't about the person i was sleeping beside and i kind of liked the dream person once i woke up like i had seen their dream penis and then i felt bad for liking them more because of that and also because i was liking someone that wasn't my actual partner. now i find it really funny and think of it fondly. gotta get some more dream action 'up in here'.

  2. creme eggs are yuck

    always thought myna bird was spelled 'miner bird'

    lol alice.. 'dream penis'