Wednesday, April 25, 2012


- scoop ice creams from the dairy
- cheeky lil rooster that sleeps up a ladder
- patting horse booty
- avocado, cheese and tomato sandwiches w/ salt and pepper on vogels bread
- feijoas
- having to eat vegemite :(((((((((
- walking through gorse bushes to see the sunset
- toots the dog
- learning my friend is a maori chief
- tom and his dad caught 60 fish and we ate fish with chip butties and salad for every meal
- trying to break up a dog fight
- best sleep of my life in a top bunk bed
- rose and max, best couple in the biz
- found a cool gecko, it crawled all over my face heh heh
- tom's cool lil nieces
- seeing a big ass stingray right where we had just been swimming
- fill up a bag for $1 @ whangarei op shop
- went to some natural/thermal mud hot springs
- bought $40 of stuff from op shops (3x jackets, 2x pants (1 corduroy!!), 1x dress, 1x shorts, 1x shirt, 1x beanie, 1x knitted slippers, 2x books about birds)