Saturday, November 10, 2012

drafts / notes / cast offs / name drops

[in the air]

feel lost in my own brain, like there are different versions of me standing in different 'corners' (not that i truly believe brains have corners or w/e) but it's dark and there's nothing connecting us, like some sort of game of murder in the dark but in my brain

real excited by the presence of much drizzy, usher, rihanna + justin in the singapore airline music collection. not sure if i'm going to keep crying but now i have my hilarious silk + diamanté sleep mask so even if i have tears running down my face the hostesses/stewards (have changed this word many times, was initially staff, but that seemed way too poncey) will know not to disturb me

keep having overly sentimental thoughts about crispin, via i am channelling all my sadness onto him / genuinely just feel like he is perf, maybe a perfect idiot AMIRITE LADIEZ [ed: typo of emirate seems pretty hilar]

(opening scenes of prometheus) there seems to be a giant penis in the sky
just thought 'this is some serious shit, this idiot can read a bitch's memory'
this asshole literally just got his hurr did
fassbender seems like a right poindexter
(all those twets were before i knew fassbender was a goddamn robot ok)

just keep thinking 'nerd holiday' re: these assholes sitting near me
dumbass on the plane with 500g container of some vitamins =\

[in melbourne]

at parliament station they are playing john farnham, seems like Celia would love it here, they keep turning it up
just keep thinking 'if i had a rio this would be amazing'

[in 'the country']

want to do a twit pic of the grampians, caption 're: australia - that's what makes u beautiful'
just thinking about how nice it is to go for exercise underneath a mountain, this is why gyms are stupid
i saw mist rising off a dam
doing downward facing doge in a paddock
hey bunny

using old medicines from my cupboard, lol seems real bad/good
all these old things seem new or foreign or in a way like they just don't matter. i feel good about the idea of cutting down all my possessions just because you get to a stage where you realise having stuff is irrelevant

the sun is literally peeking over the mountains through clouds rn
really wish i thought it was a possibility for me to quit drinking for a lil while, seems like that is the only way i'm ever going to quit smoking

wondering how many errands i can do today,
thinking about stephen o'toole and diane marie a lot this morning, prob bc i have 'halo' in my head
people keep telling me that my music taste is crap now, seems like melbourne is still v hip
kept thinking 'goddamn all these basic bitches' in a way that vicki tingle / laurens verdonk might while walking through myer (department store) the other day and lolling to myself
just considering stacey's lovely lady lumps, is this wrong of me? lol

wow the sun is actually filling up the entire room with its glow


  1. niiice, tis not wrong of you
    they are just so lovely

    i thought this bloge was dead
    we should move it to tumblr and ressurrect it, idk


    have you done hlm stuff yet

    idk why i am typing this here

    let's skype soon i love you

  2. lol me, laurens, vicki and celia watched prometheus the other day. p sure vicki said that thing looked like a giant peen at the time.