Friday, November 30, 2012

my time in england so far via tweets

moving to england in 2 days but i dont wanna pack, just wanna watch the wire

too hot in london to wear beanies :(

nothing i want more in life than lazing about w @susie_and watching nigella's express

susie is my cous cous mama

Theyre playing nz dub music in a pub in edinburgh

You're a pain in my crag

we have taken to expressing our emotions via song, oft in the middle of london streets

@crispinbest we bailed with ease on that baileys (something me and @susie_and workshopped on the way home)

rapping to drake audibly on the tube w @susie_and

gonna buy some jeggings from sainsburys

b'ton bad bitches

don't mind if i doob

uhhh just living in this beautiful ass shire

stood in the kitchen for around 6 minutes binge-eating chips while 2 labradors watched

eyeing up hipsters wearing matching chinos at gloucester train station

drinking instant coffee bc i hate myself

started drawing a duck with 4 legs and now this 9 yo thinks i'm an idiot

hello london i need to pee

want to make everyone i like toast and tea forever

it's getting hat in here

just want to be cotching with a rio

unsure if i feel bad because i need to pee or because of everything else

just had two tequila shots we are in da club i hate errbody

want to go home and eat some steamed brocolli for real

a rich tapestry of tapestries

welcome to the beyonce museum

if binge-eating chips is wrong then i don't want to be right

crystal palace bound is one of my favourite things to be

absolut dingus

draft in my phone from last night that just says 'i'm going to die'

cute boy was looking at us, me and tilly walked into each other, flustered, boys are scary

being really tired is like being on some shitty drug

"i just wanna sleep on your butt"

i bloody love hangovers

i think @herbonestrcture tried to french me the other night, niiiiiice

@susie_and love u my whole damn life, have a safe flight

Briefly forgot I was in England and thought, when did nz get castles

Never want to leave @herbonestrcture 's room

new appreciation for the cold

this 9 yo just said "i like your hair and i like you" :')

eyeball kisses

my fave combo is sad/funny

people keep thinking i am a mum i am not a mum okay

Voxer message: I'm not on drugs I'm just sad

wow what a cute time we are having being sad all together

ugghhh forever


  1. most excellent
    remember that day we were super hung in v&a and u were just nailing those goddamn twets

    1. oh god that was such a great day
      feel like you, me and tilly were a good girl team