Wednesday, November 9, 2011

day in review 1/11/11

woke up at [some time, idk] spooning susie's teddy bear. went on the internet until susie woke up and then susie's friend jordan jumped into bed with us and we talked for a while then went out to get things to make for breakfast. we (mostly susie) made scrambled eggs and mushrooms with pesto. jordan was real stoked re: coffee and life. he left, and then susie left with her flat mate steve to get a new vacuum cleaner. i watched an episode of parks and rec and walked to go meet david on smith st. we got coffee and sat in carlton gardens. it is really beautiful there. then we walked into the city and got vegan cupcakes, walked around laneways looking at street art and tried to break into an abandoned building but were foiled by the po-po. then we met susie and went to a gallery opening and drank free wine. there was this performance art piece with a painted lady standing up in this bed, idk 'art'. afterwards we said our goodbyes to david and fraser picked us up and we went to his house and made this good ass stir fry. susie and i caught the train home and then curled up and watched crazy stupid love feat. our man ryan gosling. was a really terrible movie actually. but i've come to realise that almost any situation i'm in with susie there will be some element of laughter and/or merriment. we went to sleep at 12 or 1am or something.