Thursday, November 17, 2011

spencer madsen style blog post about my day

went to:
  • westgate aa
  • parent's house
  • sister's house
  • home
  • titirangi yoga centre

people i saw:
  • dad
  • kristy
  • nova
  • hannah
  • xinia
  • various other strangers

people i talked to on the internet:
  • james
  • sam

people i talked to on the phone:
  • mum

  • some of norwegian wood by haruki murakami
  • animals by janey smith - a chapbook i ordered from plain wrap press, an excerpt:

"from above, on your small bed, the spread out limbs of the full-grown blue-white polar bear seem to make the polar bear look like a snowy white star - the star bounces ever-so-gently around the walls of your tiny universe."

  • groove guide - only read this because sam wrote a feature article about the beach boys, laughed about a reference he made to their cameo on 'home improvement'
  • bbq by victoria durnak - a zine sent to me from sweden, contains lil poems such as this one:

pain performance

my bleeding heels turned away from you
as I rip off my blister band-aids in Central Park
but you already know my morning breath
that I sometimes throw up while walking and
that I smell like curry paste
on sunny days

  • 'even the oceans' by sheridan mills - a zine feat. excerpts from chat logs, emails, streams of consciousness and things overheard etc, i found it kind of endearing, excerpt:

"i think tomatoes look sweet
i wanna kiss em"

  • 'tender lines/tender loins' by leonie v. brialey - prob my favourite zine that i read, comics about various romantic exploits, laughed 3x times, laughed the hardest at a drawing of herself motioning to her crotch with a speech bubble saying 'hey boy, just get on this! it's hell good!"

  • the simpsons (the 'sweet sweet can' ep)
  • s1 e5 & 6 community

  • a banana
  • chicken croissant
  • cheese corn chips
  • cheese roll w/ butter
  • whittakers creamy milk chocolate x4 pieces
  • falefal burger

  • water, maybe 2x bottles idk
  • 1x tea
  • 1x beer

  • finished a poem called '82'

listened to:
  • wtf podcast w/ bryan cranston
  • itunes spring playlist
  • yuck

  • sat my full driving licence test and passed
  • booked my flights to christchurch
  • got a message from susie saying she saw tao lin in nyc
  • whilst reading outside i saw a mumma duck and her ducklings in the front yard eating some grass and it made me feel happy
  • pulled a 'hammy' during yoga (jk i just like saying 'pulled a hammy' when i've been exerting myself physically)
  • during the relaxation part of yoga i felt like my body was melting into the floor
  • hannah called me 'wifey' after i made her dinner

probably going to read until i pass out


  1. Sounds like a super good day!

    Yay/Congrats about your license =D

  2. "and it made me feel happy" seems contrary to the theme of a spencer madsen style blog post