Wednesday, November 16, 2011

nyc notes

times square

feel like there are so many strange (+ terrifying sometimes) people in the world. the feeling of being in somebody else's holiday pictures makes me feel weird. mostly fine but still not fine. not sure. do people even look at their holiday stuff again? ny seems pretty much as i expected.. or something, as i imagined it to be maybe. or seems to be as it should

g train

semi terrified of getting lost on the subway as per what happened when i was younger (note, i got lost on the tube in london). wondering occasionally whether me + [romantic interest] will do marriage. think i could. but i am v young. the announcements on trains here are still humans... i feel comforted by this + at least on this train i can hear them. feel a scary thing about this country is that anybody could be carrying a gun. hm. going to listen to the whitest music i can: coldplay

staten island ferry

feels like it would be an ok thing to do to be a parent, interesting to show them how to be a normal human + manners etc. i will need to have a partner with really good maners i think b/c mine are poor. love seeing how men get fatherly. for some reason this is immensely endearing and pretty attractive.

hunter college subway

'the network effect'. people seem to be combinations of more things here. like obviously there are just more people, ergo more cultures. in australia those things are very new so it's unlikely one would be a mix of more than one nationality.

museum of natural history

just really miss the boys, specific boys. sometimes feel pain because i am missing out on so much love. but museums + the planetarium will have their special effect on me, make me remember how small i am, how nothing. i guess i am someone to some people.. but the world is too huge.. overwhelmed by how much there is to know.


  1. sam always tells me i have poor manners, but i think maybe i just don't feel the need to have manners around him

    yes re: fatherly men, but we are biologically inclined to think this. remember the dad at arrietty? so nice

    museums make me feel the same way. i like that feeling though.

    would you actually want to get married? feel like i've never really talked to you about this

  2. i'm not sure if you have poor manners because mine are pretty bad. you can be a bit 'in your own world' but if anything that's my flaw too.

    oh yeah arietty papa was so nice.

    i think so, if i was in the right circumstances. idk. we'll see.

  3. I real like this. Want to say something else about it but I can't think. I real like thsi