Sunday, June 3, 2012


today my flat mate was frying meat in a pan and i thought the sizzling sounded like a waterfall so i told my friends to close their eyes and imagine that

i keep thinking about inner lives and about sex and about how you fell off your chair and we laughed for so long

1) something about what it means to let a person into your inner life and them letting you into theirs, seems insane that that ever happens

2) sex is weird but okay/good i guess

3) i don't think i felt interested in you until after you did that

i spent my day hungover spooning my friends on a mattress on our deck
seemed life affirming

i feel very aware of the moon always

the moon is a constant reminder that human life is sad and beautiful and temporary, i like this feeling very much

my friend said something to me about 'pda' but she accidentally called it 'pdf' and i think we need to spend less time on our computers

i look forward to fitting my whole life in a suitcase

people always say to me 'you must be excited' and i say 'yeah'
but it's just another thing
new things to be worried about to replace old things

who cares

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