Thursday, June 21, 2012


sitting in a dim room with you opposite me, we are both on our computers and eating from the same bag of chips which is in between us

you just started gchatting me, we are talking on gchat now and not acknowledging that we are doing this irl

today on the bus you were trying to explain something to me about this band you liked and i was looking up at you and i saw an older lady looking at me and smiling really big and i realised it's because of the way i was looking at you

you favorite all of my tweets

you just tweeted something and i said no you should change it to this, and you changed it

you just put on iron and wine, we looked at each other and smiled then looked back at our computers, seemed good

just asked you if you wanted the rest of my plain ass roll

sometimes when you are speaking i think 'omg you are american' in an american accent

you are wearing a beanie, i am wearing a beanie

caught you looking at me, i say "what" and you say "nothing", feel like this has happened a lot

both moving our heads slightly while we listen to 'unfoolish remix' by ashanti

there is no music playing now, all i can hear is the sound of us typing and the heavy rain outside

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