Thursday, July 5, 2012


you pick chip crumbs off my jumper and then eat them

a lot of the time i think intimacy is just about dumb things like that

i just want pasta & warmth & you

remember you saying that i don't give a fuck about anything
and i said yeah, but i give a fuck about you

my friend told me that i didn't believe in anything but love
i said yeah

there is talk of spain, canada, london, new york, anywhere but here


i feel surprised at how easily someone else's life can merge with my own
it's as easy as opening your duvet and letting a warm body inside

sneezing is a lot like having an orgasm

getting used to someone holding me tightly in the night but i won't have that soon

it's annoying because i was fine sleeping alone before, preferred it even

whenever i lose people i think

at least i still have myself
when will that ever feel okay

i'm tired and my hair is weird


  1. i see yourself and it is more than okay, feel okay please?

  2. keep coming back to this and thinking 'yes'

  3. i read all of your things, then, like, forget that i read them, then come back, and read them again, and then do that again later