Tuesday, August 7, 2012


we don’t know if we feel happy or sad

i feel worried when i’m not able to articulate what is inside of me

it’s important to feel calm within yourself, knowing what you feel so completely it’s like tracing the curves of your own body

i used to sit outside my house in wood bay in amongst the trees and feel a part of the forest, whenever i want to feel calm i transport myself back to that place, or to my seat near the harbour, nothing but the pale ocean beneath me, breathing in and out with the tide

there are so many times that i walked down to the sea from my house with a cup of tea in hand and felt every emotion a person could feel, sometimes it was too cold to bear, sometimes i felt nothing for it, but often i felt better with the outside air on my skin

there is something about it isn’t there

it blows straight through you, this august wind, no matter how many layers you wear

i’m sad that i won’t get to see the spring here, there are so many things i love about it

every day i walked to work i noticed how my environment changed distinctly from season to season, i felt so in tune with nature then, and i think i will always attribute my most beautiful and solitary times to living in wood bay

recently, it seems like all i have are my emotions to guide me

however perilous that may be

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