Friday, August 24, 2012


in the departure lounge i am slouching in my chair, feeling completely calm like i am moving through a sea

already i can feel myself sliding out of my skin and into a new one


ambien dream: in the sky was a cloud shaped like a spine; instinctively i knew it was yours


in hong kong airport i move from one vacant seat to another, studying the city beyond the windows. there are mountains and oceans and buildings and i want all of it


things i did in my 27 hour flight:

- watched 2x parks and rec, 2x the wire, breakfast at tiffany's, 1/2 of drive, 2x new girl, 1x community, 1x 30 rock
- read 1Q84
- slept 6 hours via ambien (woke up during this and thought i was going to die somehow like just felt really confused…can't explain…ambien..)
- closed my eyes but didn't sleep (spent most of my time doing this)
- went pee (did lil dance routines in the bathroom so i didn't get dvt os)
- shifted around uncomfortably
- ate food (asked for vegetarian meals bc airplane meat is weird idk)
- thought about boys
- general rumination

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