Thursday, August 16, 2012

train people


salt n pepper hair guy - looks like a HRD but i haven't noticed a wedding ring

babe girl with nice ass always eating muesli and yoghurt - always wears dark shades at 8.30 and has good looking hair

total dingus nerd guy who looks like he works in IT

posh/bitchy looking girl with good posture. i think it is her good posture that makes her look bitchy. plus she reads from her kindle with a self satisfied look on her face.

bald tall man in a leather jacket who is always typing on his phone early in the morning and i have decided he is messaging ladies on online dating

tired lady who always has wet hair and gets tea from the coffee shop at the station

beautiful bear-like bearded man with glasses who i internally refer to as my 'west norwood husband'


bunch of rowdy people who seem to know each other and work together but are always arguing. (have now decided to change the end of the train that i get on because they irritate me so much)

cool looking girl with white blonde hair, always wears black. also reads from her kindle lots but looks pleasant and cute.

short punky looking lady with curly reddish hair, always wears dark clothing

really fit brazillian (?) guy

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