Wednesday, December 5, 2012

for a good time

on the train home i was thinking really stupid metaphorical thoughts about eggs like how i thought maybe our minds were once the same egg but some idiot wanted eggs and now we are 2 halves broken apart from each other and then something about how the yolk .. what is the yolk .. i couldn't work it out .. then i walked past a sign and i misread it to say 'dancer: 1500 volts' and i figured it was a good tweet for later then i was dancing in the [new] carpark outside victoria park station which has made the walk home from the station even shorter but more danceable .. i guess earlier in the night i said something dumb like if i got knocked up i would probably keep a baby and all the boys inbetween their farts seemed really alarmed and i guess we all know that i wouldn't be able to stop drinking enough to keep a baby alive inside me imagine not drinking for nine months if that's my biggest concern i shouldn't be come an accidental mother wouldn't you agree

i just read ashley opheim's poem on shabby doll house and there are some lovely parts in it, notably:

give me another century in your eyes, they are somewhere
i never knew existed

then i just realised she is one of my fave twitter accounts omg i am such an idiot if you don't follow her already get involved @hologramrainbow

yesterday i spent 4.5 hours with my hands in meat because that is the job that i have now and it's cool, i'm gettin paper .. while i am working i just try to think of tweets for later in a maggie lee sort of voice because i remember enjoying her blog posts about when she worked as a pizza delivery person

i woke up this morning dreaming of the opening scenes of aladdin, it seemed to me like i was jasmine and falling a lot but bouncing off extremely tall tents of jewellery in that chase scene after she gives an apple to that child because aladdin didn't come to my rescue 

on friday there is a launch of the voiceworks issue that i am published in and it is also the express media awards extravaganza and i will be attending, so will john marsden but i think we are arriving separately .. so don't look for us together, but do look for me .. 


  1. read this while i couldn't sleep last night. miss u sue-nina!!!

    1. aww gilles deleuze.. i have been following your blog also :)))))) a++

    2. thanku bb. i hope u don't hate me too much.