Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I just want to do a quick post here to say why I haven't posted here in a while. Things that have been happening to me etc.

- busy studying/reading/writing essays for uni
- make a decision to not eat bread/pasta/cake for a while, despite my favourite aspect of Easter being hot cross buns
- my friend Steven came to visit from Canberra (Australia's oft-forgotten capital city)
- my sister came to visit from Horsham (my hometown)
- had a party on Easter Saturday, still catching up on sleep
- feel overwhelming sense of loneliness
- generally drained of any creativity/happiness/inspiration
- feel certain emoshuns quite deeply, but feel too pathetic to explain via writing
- attempt to ingest inspiration via tv shows like SNL, Gilmore Girls, Misfits & Archer
- experience most intense financial stress of the past three years (cannot afford train ticket all the way home to Horsham, have to get friends to pick me up halfway)
- have difficulty letting go of 'things'
- convince myself I just need to leave the city, that things will 'be better' after I achieve this
- now have access to chocolate, piano and kitty
- consider that deterioration of happiness might be relative to lack of bread


  1. i like this list
    get on the bread buzz gurl

  2. I realised that I ate bread at your party when I wasn't supposed to. I'm still waiting to be smitten.