Monday, April 11, 2011


i just bookmarked a recipe for lemon slice from the women's weekly website

i am listening to "alternative hip hop"

i had an idea for a poem but i don't remember it anymore so here's this

whilst reading about inflation theory i feel extremely and constantly baffled about my own existence

just want to get Crash Bandicoot so I can play Hog Wild

thought "i like the world" and immediately after thinking this, swerved to avoid hitting a parked car

why am i following tom felton on twitter

accidentally opened facebook twice in my browser and said out loud "double facebook" in a goofy accent

i just thought "nice jean jacket bro" and then thought about jean jackets for a while

just felt an overwhelming urge to call everyone in close proximity a dick

one of the birds at my work makes noises that sound like "whoooop there it is"

today i made fun of sam's glasses and he said "at least i don't have orthodox jew hair", what

whilst talking about wisdom teeth i think that my life doesn't feel like my own life


  1. love crash

    love that you follow Tom Felton on twitter. any good?

  2. no. real bad

    here's some sample tweets

    "Also who is going out to buy the new HP DVD tomorrow!!! I definitely am! Behind the scenes is always so interesting, even for me still! x"

    "My throat is killing! Feels like I've swallowed sand paper, and I've never exaggerated in my life! Well maybe once or twice x"

    "Just been swimming in the rain. Not singing but swimming! An activity you could rarely get away with in england, 'twas lovely x"


  3. argh, this confirms my suspicion that all english males between the age of 25-35 sign txts/any sort of digital communication with an x

    find it hilarious that he made sandpaper two words. is it two words or one?

    I like communicating with you