Tuesday, April 19, 2011

times i can remember crying lately (ish)

when rory graduates high school (watching gilmore girls)

specifically during rory's valedictorian speech where she talks about her mum and grandparents. everyone is crying and usually this makes me cry too. told eamonn on facebook chat that it was a weird combination to be crying and eating an enchilada at the same time.

on the bus

i believe i wrote a "statement poem" about this particular time i cried on the bus and it went something like "this morning i openly wept on the bus". i was going past grey lynn shops on my way to uni. felt like shit was really bleak. seemed poignant as a motherfucker.

when my nana died

my dad called me and told me that my nana had died and so i got in the car and drove to my nana's house. i remember a distinct clenching feeling. when i went into the house i saw my mum and everything poured out of me. i hugged my mum and cried very hard. i also cried at the funeral, a few times during the service when they sang maori songs (they seem the saddest) and then at the end when we had to put flowers on her casket. my sister had her arm around me. i remember tissues deep in pockets.

chch earthquake

i biked to my parents house and my dad told me there was an earthquake in christchurch. i sat in the kitchen watching the footage with my sister and my dad. i had to leave the room several times because i felt embarrassed to cry in front of my family. i felt so connected to it because i just thought "these people are my people". maybe it's silly. but i cried.

ponsonby road

a person made me cry after saying words to me. i cried in the middle of ponsonby road and he hugged me because he probably felt like a huge asshole, which he was. afterwards he bought me burger fuel. i still thought he was a dick though, only i thought this whilst eating spud fries.


did an "almost" cry whilst sitting on k'rd waiting for my bus. wanted to talk to someone about it but i didn't, i just wrote eight pages in my notebook. i got home and i cried whilst listening to "the scientist" by coldplay. must have been chris martin's voice cracking with emotion that got me going. this is one of those times that i am sad that i can never quite explain it. i can never quite verbalise exactly what has come loose inside of me. i just know that something has.

gilmore girls again

the episode where rory rejects jess. jess looks supa fly in his leather jacket. i got extremely emotional when luke and jess hugged. fuckin' bros. then rory says she doesn't want to be with jess and there's this really good close-up shot of him, and i really feel like that's exactly how a normal person would take that kind of rejection. just real good acting performance from ol' milo. shit man. tears streaming down my face.

interested to know when you last cried and why (shit. reader participation)


  1. cried on sunday on the way to sassafras when 'landslide' cover by the dixie chicks played. harmony + sad lyrics = tears

  2. ALL THOSE GILMORE GIRLS MOMENTS (OMG especially when Jess asks Rory to come away with her and his voice cracks when he says "you can count on me now!") + When Lorelai and Luke break up the first time and Rory has to get her all the stuff and at the end she leaves that message on his machine then goes to delete it and is so apologetic! Also the episode when Jess comes to the Gilmores' house to give Rory his book and he's like THIS ISN'T YOU! I don't cry at that though, I cry when Luke wakes up to find Lorelai in Rory's room with Paul Anka who's sick and she feels so guilty and tranfers all her guilt and hurt about Rory onto Paul Anka and I finally realised how amazing Lauren Graham is. GIVE HER ALL THE OSCARZ!

  3. when RIO *spoiler* finally discovers how to fly near the end of RIO, I was so close to crying.

  4. Cry way too much eh, and also don't really know why about 70% of the times, I reckon. Maybe like your 52 (?). Often get a weird kind of feeling (similar to nostalgia? (maybe?)) where I get super overwhelmed by how beautiful/terrible people/the world/everything are/is and get really emotional for no apparent reason whatsoever and can't control it and real embarrassed and quiet and brain going nuts and saying, "hold it in, hold it in" but then it overflows and when people ask why I'm crying I'm like SHIIIIITTT and cry more 'cause I'm overwhelmed by their kindness and concern and can't do it and just crying everywhere baaaaadddd ... and I'm saying, "seriously I don't even know why" and then feel very silly and attention-seeking for something I genuinely feel as though I have no control over.


  5. susie: legit, u no it gurl
    brodie: agree with everything, feelin' the gg love
    joseph: wanna see rio. dick.
    natalie: crying is cool i think. emotions are good, embrace ur emoshuns.

  6. cried on monday while walking home from work whilst carrying and eating from a just-purchased bag of dark chocolate cookies. seems pathetic

  7. i cried when i read the part in the rza's new book about the last time he saw odb alive. odb forced rza to watch him smoke crack. the whole time odb was crying and repeating the phrase "i don't understand."

    i cried when i read poems to amanda over the phone after driving for an hour extremely hungover at 7 am. i can't remember what i was reading when i started crying but i think it was a poem by my friend kyle with this line that goes 'what i'm saying is fuck the sun'.