Saturday, January 21, 2012

the last 5 times i went to the cinema

'girl with a dragon tattoo', odeon in camden town, london, uk

i went to see this because i needed to pass some time. it was the only thing on at the time and i was worried i wouldn't like it. but it was pretty good and i got to see daniel craig's bum which pleased me more than i realised it would. generally daniel craig's essence was enjoyable, also a surprise. there were a few pretty horrible rape parts in this film and a lot of rape talk. there was a satisfying conclusion and nudity and motorbikes. snow and smoking.
snacks: chocolate chip biscuits from m&s, beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato crisps from wholefoods
level of sexiness: high, multiple sex scenes - some good, a few rapey

'the artist', the cornerhouse in manchester, uk

my cousin made me see this film. it is a silent film that is currently being 'critically acclaimed' i think. it had similar music to 'citizen kane', which isn't always enjoyable for me. it was loud. i thought it was making interesting 'statements' about the film industry. i told my cousin i didn't really connect with it but have since wondered if that's because i didn't find anyone that attractive in it. but it was a pretty cheesy story. seemed like the director deliberately chose people with big mouths so their facial expressions would convey more emotion. there is a really talented dog in it too.
snacks: none
level of sexiness: pretty low ya'll

'the descendants', BAM in brooklyn, ny

my friend caroline said she cried reading both the book and seeing the film of this. and george clooney is in it. these are two good things. i got a cupcake and took myself to see this film on a sunday night so i felt like i was 'doing something' instead of just staying in. i have tried to explain the plot of this film but it's not  a very exciting plot, just a 'family drama' sort of, set in hawaii. i have been thinking that sometimes the most effective plots are not the ones with the most twists or whatever. in this case that is a true fact. the very VERY end when the credits roll.. i had a lil teary then.
snacks: pre-cinema cupcake, water
level of sexiness: um.. it's effing george clooney. though kissing or sex to speak of. but the daughter is a bit of a honey

'twilight: breaking dawn', palm beach gardens, fl

saw this with jacob's mum and her coworker. i had watched the 3 previous films in bulk over thanksgiving. i think the strongest aspect of twilight is the sense of angst and romantic torment that these films convey. bella and jacob had a lovely wedding. i confess that i have a fairly huge lady boner for young robert pattinson in spite of his eyebrows. these films are rubbish and unmemorable.. but i am totes team jacob.
snacks: none
level of sexiness: omg. edward is so hawny he smashes the whole effing bed around bella. get involved.

'drive', cinema nova, melbourne, aus

me, stacey and ziggy went to see this one afternoon in my last week in australia. the cinema was pretty full and we had to sit away from ziggy which was pretty lucky for him because we gushed about ryan gosling like the whoooole time. he is a full babe. just so manly in it.. bryan cranston is in it and he is truly a king amongst men. we sat next to a guy who was doing really amusing reactions, you know the guy. it has good music.
snacks: none
level of sexiness: dat elevator scene.. maaaan.


  1. elevator scene, fully hot

    i can't believe you are team jacob, who are you