Tuesday, January 17, 2012

list of cultural activities undertaken over the last 2 months

American Museum of Natural History, NY - pretty legit, lots of dinos and animal displays 8/10

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY - where I discovered my love for Monet 9/10

Museum of Sex, NY - lotsa nekkid bodies and porn etc. gettin that lief education 8/10

NBC studio tour, NY - 8.5/10

Brooklyn Museum, NY - went on a 'Target Free Saturday' and people were dressed up in 20s gear to celebrate a current exhibition. big ole reproductions of architecture from different parts of america ie freaky empty houses 7.5/10

Museum of the Moving Image, NY - saw Jim Henson exhibition & lots of old ass cameras/radios/tvs. real legit. also has a white ass foyer. 10/10

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY - real intimidating amount of things at this museum, only went because spencer madsen told me to. worth it though, saw some cool old armour 8/10

The UN, NY - we had a Peruvian tour guide. he had a real cool accent. he inspired me, Emma and Caz to change the world 10/10

Guggenheim Air & Space Museum, DC - lots of airplanes/spaceships, saw a wright brothers plane. had a supreme hangover whilst visiting, so only like 7/10

also in DC I went inside the Senate, which has museum-esque qualities, and a whole bunch of memorials and things

additionally went to the 9/11 Memorial & accompanying exhibits

Empire State Building at night time - is smaller than it seems in 'Sleepless in Seattle' but a worthwhile thing to do. except for make sure you go at night to avoid crowds. 7.5/10

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff - pretty nice, learnt some stuff about lava and the earth but the exhibitions were kinda old 7.5/10

Quarry Bank Mill, Manchester - seems like it has a lot of money put into it, there were heaps of old machines. it was kewl I guess. 7/10

People's Palace, Glasgow - full of arbitrary exhibits, largely not working. makes up for strange exhibits by being in a real nice building 6/10

Riverside Museum, Glasgow - heaps of touch screens and real nice cars. kirsty got me a lil penny with a motorbike on it. bought a neat tote bag 8.5/10

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