Thursday, January 26, 2012

first five swims of the summer

1. corsair bay, christchurch

the water was real cold, but we stayed in for ages, out in the deep. there was a cool pontoon thing which a bunch of teens were on but they all jumped off when me and alice hopped on. jax and alice are good swim buddies. lots of cool dogs in the water too. one of them was standing on the shore while their owner swam out and then decided he missed him too much and swam a really long way to get to him.

2. muriwai, auckland

bloody love murawai, could have stayed in the water for a long time but my ears started to really hurt and i had to go in. had to dodge a lot of boogie boarders. v. pleased at the variety of crackers/dips supplied by my friends on this beach trip.

3. abel tasman national park

a well-deserved swim as we were walking back from our campsite carrying heavy things and stopped for lunch at a lil beach with lots of rocks. james took ages to 'go under' and i got annoyed and kept splashing him. don't be a bloody wuss. some kayakers went past and wolf-whistled at us. i don't think we were doing anything 'wolf-whistle' worthy or anything.

4. hokitika beach, hokitika

the west coast is pretty wild/unsafe to swim in. we went to two other beaches in the area and wanted to swim but decided it was too dangerous. we read somewhere that only "experienced swimmers" should swim at this beach. i'm probably not an experienced swimmer but i'm pretty used to swimming in rough surf waves. i think we were only in for a little while because it was so rough and the tide kept trying to pull us out. it was really nice and refreshing though.

5. lake mahinapua

we woke up early one morning, went straight to the wharf and jumped into the lake. it was kind of gross b/c i wasn't sure how deep it would be and when i dived in i touched some dank, slimy mangroves. it was okay when you weren't touching them though. it was a really beautiful place to swim, there were snow-capped mountains and things. afterwards we ate honey and banana sandwiches up on the wharf.


  1. it's muriwai just so u know. but most excellent. i want to swim now please. let's do that in coro :)

  2. k: a thousand times yes
    l: swims are a thing that will happen

  3. i was just so afraid to 'take the plunge'…