Monday, January 23, 2012

best gigs of 2011

sufjan stevens

venue: bruce mason centre
went with: xinia

good: just a real good show, really cool video projections and backup dancers and idk sufjan nailed it

bad: susie and zoe couldn't come b/c it was sold out

campus a low hum

venue: flock house, bulls
went with: zoe, susie

good: seeing transcription of organ music lying down in the grass in the sunshine and the other time with 15 or so people in this really cool old building as the sun was setting, drab doo riffs b/c of phat dancing, sharpie crows, toro y moi, wet wings, others..

bad: nothing i can think of

deer park and dear times waste

venue: wine cellar
went with: petruschka and hannah

good: i have many good and bad memories reclining in amongst the couches at the wine cellar watching bands but this was definitely a good one. red wine happy haze. good in my earholes.

bad: i had work early the next day

the gladeyes

venue: the gladeyes' flat on cross st
went with: hannah

good: got p. drunk and talked to lots of good people, was a fangirl and got gwen from gladeyes to sign my cd and got a pic with her, danced, just felt real nice

bad: the last gladeyes show ever, threw up in public

how to dress well

venue: third and social
went with: mel, laura, hannah, xinia, pet

good: hanging with ma gurlz, tom krell is a babe, suicide dream 2, emoshunal as heck

bad: really bad dj after htdw, saw tom krell smash a bottle of champagne in the street like a diva (maybe this is 'good' idk)

guitar wolf

venue: lucha lounge
went with: sam, matt, louie

good: i rate this gig just because i had a lot of fun, had a real good mosh (who am i...) and got kicked in the face twice by crowd surfers. punkass/rock dat shit. also funny old ass japanese punk guys.

bad: occasionally having to pretend to be interested in sports or gaming via hanging out with dumb boys

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