Thursday, February 17, 2011

CALH 2011: Playlist

I spent several hours today downloading these songs that I found on the internet for free (although I did pay for the TOOM album on their bandcamp because I dug them the most). When I was uploading these I realised that I had forgotten to go to work. It bothered me because usually I'm so reliable and "onto it". I think being reliable is a really nice trait for people to have. Anyway, I showed up 2 hours late and the vet nurses seemed pretty chill about it. I have to go to WINZ tomorrow and it seems pretty bleak. I just want some cizzash aye. Camp was good by the by, but I feel like I've already talked about it too much plus we made a zine about it. More details about that later, and there will be photos when I can afford to process film. Anyway, here are these songs.

1. Nervous - Pikachunes
2. Less Chat More Sewing - Street Chant
3. I Am The Ocean - Transcription Of Organ Music
4. The Beautiful Young Crew - Lawrence Arabia
5. Landlords - Sharpie Crows
6. Te Atatu Ships (Live at Wine Cellar) - Hold Dear
7. My Mind Is In My Paws - Wilberforces
8. Bees - Caribou
9. Clandestine - Dear Times Waste
10. Low Shoulder - Toro Y Moi
11. Wicker Park - Secret Knives
12. When I'm King - Beastwars
13. You Came To Me Like a Cancer Lain - My Disco
14. Dancer - Tiger Choir
15. Remembered Light - The Parking Lot Experiments
16. Snoozefest - Coasting
17. Running Like A Man - Wet Wings


  1. Awesome playlist! Pity I can't access Mediafire here at work :)