Tuesday, February 22, 2011

things I have done lately

-went to NZ to visit Stacey
-went to CALH with Stacey and Zoe
-met David and Eamonn, cool bros
-stayed a night in Wellington, went to Te Papa. Sweet as museum
-came back to Melbourne, went on 'spontaneous' bike ride at 2am
-drove to Horsham (3.5 hrs) with my friend's brother who likes house music/is a dj
-made macarons for the same friend's 21st birthday party
-drove to Adelaide (5 hrs), macarons fell onto ground and became pink mush
-found myself in the middle of an argument about smoking speed at the 21st party. realised that there are lots of different people in the world. felt bleak.
-got the train to the city to meet up with an old friend, had iced coffee in Rundle street. bought some falafels. wrote things like
sounds like maeve o'mara does the train announcements in this city
does everybody here drink farmers union iced coffees? (answer is yes)
I miss the indies
next stop 'Dry Creek' feel this sums up the trip/my psyche accurately
3 emos w/scooters
all my friends talk fast
feel more 'myself' after being alone
nice train man digs that I'm a Melb noob
will return to Victoria with cautionary tales
looking at boats, maybe I will go on a river cruise
it's so nice the way that water sparkles
things of abundance in SA: bleak ass parenting, iced coffee, rats tail hairdos
return to Victoria. feel hurried on the internet. live tweet Mighty Boosh with Stacey
-make a hair appointment. leave photos to be developed.
-want to go swimming/write a crappy blog post of lists
-watch the news about Chch. hope.

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