Monday, June 6, 2011


Woke up at 8:10am and got ready to go to the markets with my flat mate, Hannah. I quickly made a mix cd for us to listen to on the drive which mostly consisted of Led Zeppelin songs. At the market I bought a bag of carrots, a big ass kumara, bananas and brocolli. Afterwards we went to get some groceries and I bought a real cool beanie for $3.50. We bought sushi and ate it in the parking lot. Then we went to our favourite coffee place in Titirangi called Siren Cafe and went down to French Bay to drink our coffee (single-shot soy mocha in da house). It was a real sunny day and the tide was in so we took off our shoes and rolled up our jeans and dangled our feet in the water. Listened to my Sunday mix. 100% good vibes. Then we went home and we cleaned and I did washing and things of that nature. We decided we wanted to go on an adventure since it was a public holiday the next day but we couldn't think of what to do. Somehow we decided that the most sensible thing to do was to stay at home and take acid. So we did that. I spent a while writing things and chatting to people on the internet and Hannah washed all the walls in the bathroom and toilet. I started to feel a familiar hum, a weakness in my limbs, a sort of throbbing throughout my whole body. Decided to live tweet my acid experience. I talked to wbech, Ben Rosamond and Eamonn. Listened to Beach House for 2 hours straight because it made me feel calm. Went for a bike ride around my neighbourhood. Explored the forest a bit. I found a patch of grass and lay there in the sun for probably about 45 minutes. I felt peaceful. Then I went home and me and my flat mate got our gumboots on and loaded up with carrots, pears and mandarins and walked to the beach. The tide was out so we could walk way around the harbour. We found a secret pathway into the bush and we walked through that for a while. We found this old shed/shack that had written on the door: "Do not come in," which freaked us out. Then we walked around the rocks and there were lots of cool birds: shags, herons, oystercatchers. We walked through the water and laughed about the concept of asparagus. Went home and made falefal burgers. Real good falefal burgers. Like, man. Felt pretty normal apart from a vague buzzing sensation. Mainly just felt real chill and got real into music and popcorn. Listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin. Did a tiny chat with James Duncan and Carolyn DeCarlo and also Jackson Nieuwland and Ras Mashramani were there but not on camera. Made them listen to Led Zeppelin. During the guitar solo in Stairway To Heaven did an impromptu dance and ran and jumped on my flat mate's bed with her on it. Then I watched an episode of Sex and the City. Video skyped Susie for an hour and a half. Y'know, just chatting with my bestie, rappin' to Chamillionaire. Then I went to sleep at 11:17pm. Good ass day.


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