Tuesday, June 14, 2011

day in review: saturday 11 june

Woke up around 11am. Shower. Organised via Facebook to go to Salvos and have coffee with my housemate Ashley. It was a sunny ass day, 10/10. Got to Salvos and bought a dress, a really awesome book about seasons 1-4 of Sex and the City with lots of pictures of the cast and an amazing quiz, The Family Law by Benjamin Law and the most recent Sleepers Almanac, all for $20! 10/10 From Salvos we walked to this really awesome cafe called Three Bags Full. I ordered huevos rancheros (fried eggs with tortillas, beans, avo and some sort of corn salsa) and Ashley had scrambled eggs. Both these things were delicious, although I kinda forgot that I'm meant to not eat stuff with gluten in it (tortillas) and that meant I couldn't buy any sweeties to go so 9/10. As we were walking back home on Nicholson street we saw a market set up in the front yard of the Steiner school. There were dresses and cute things visible so we crossed to go into it. On the street I ran into my friend Helen who I hadn't seen in ages! Big bear hug - 10/10!! Went into the market and caught up with Helen while Ashley bought two dresses and some nice shoes. Managed to restrain myself from buying things, which is 10/10 in terms of finances, but in terms of my love of consuming about a 4. We walked back home through some cute backstreets and alleys; Ashley picked some clippings from people's nature strips. At home, I picked up my knitting and immediately got the train to town. Met up with my friend Laura Smith at Federation Square, where she and her friends had been knitting due to it being WORLDWIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!! Effing 10/10 for that day existing. Sat knitting in this giant pyramid thing for a while, lots of tourists/general people wandering through taking pictures of us in bean bags, weird being looked at like some sort of tourist attraction, especially when your hands are cold 6/10. Me and Laura got coffees and cake though, a tasty 10/10. We all parted ways talking about what we were doing for the rest of the night, I was telling Laura's friend Owen that I'd be livetweeting Footloose that evening, turns out he does a monthly event on twitter called Tweetfilm another 10/10 for finding likeminded people. That night I just stayed at home, chattin to my bestie Steaky, while livetweetin Footloose. AWESOME DAY GUYZ.

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