Tuesday, June 28, 2011

beyonce - run the world (girls)

(thoughts during)

she's on a horse
now there's a lion
is beyonce royalty
is she saying 'we run this mother... dip'
is there an explicit version? just want 2 c her givin the finger
wow, she is so hood with this
want a dress made out of a golden disco ball
beyonce still got jelly.. um.. i mean that in a good way. mm jelly
weird contrast between lots of fabric.. and not much fabric re: clothing


Lately I have been thinking about this pop singer Beyoncé Knowles. She was in a successful Girl Band called 'destinys child'. Run the world (girls) is a recent song of hers. She also headlined a music festival in the United Kingdom called Glastonbury. She has a powerful voice and is a very good dancer. She and her 'destinys child' cohorts are well known for coining the term Bootylicious. A video I watched of her singing the kings of leon song sex on fire was very moving and powerful somehow. She is a convincing performer and currently has a perm.


  1. Beyoncé came up with the line "I don't think you're ready for this jelly" on a plane trip. She sang it to the other Destiny's Children as a joke, but they loved it and insisted she use it in the song.

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