Wednesday, June 8, 2011

between you & me by amber fresh

On Sunday last week I was selling zines at the Emerging Writers' Festival Page Parlour at Fed Square. I met these folk from Perth Zine Collective and popped over to their stall for a gander at what they'd brought over from the west. Keen on the poetry as always, I picked this up.

I am happy about my choice, for the following reasons

two boys

we were kissing and
i asked you
'what do you like about me?'
and you said
'when you don't talk'

we were talking and
i asked you
'what do you want to do?'
and you said

get fucked

no-one told me
to 'get fucked'
not as a joke
not for real

but it's still only early

excerpt from bitumen

one time i asked a boy to push me over in the carpark where we were and
at that instant i thought it was an incredibly romantic thing to ask a boy

It is a small book of poems about things 'between you & me' and it seems pretty personal and introspective, but then there are funny parts which is important, I think.

I like that the poems seem to be pretty unfiltered. Feel like poetry I consider to be 'good' seems like it is really 'organic' or 'natural', though probably this is a pretty conscious technique.

Next time we do a poetry podcast I will read some more for you.