Wednesday, June 29, 2011

winter things

- curling up in a lil nook and reading my book with the heater on high
- rubbing my hands together and then breathing warm air on them from my mouth which sounds like "haw"
- people saying "oh my god, it's so cold" to me like it is some new information and then having to respond in some polite/excited way that is like "i know right"
- walking to work thinking "i can't feel my face"
- seeing sunlight somewhere and then running to that place
- my hands are cold but my body is warm
- my flat mate saying "i hope you're going to put something warmer on" and then doing that
- thinking "should i take up knitting?" but then just going on my macbook a lot instead
- waiting for the water to get hot before washing my hands
- wearing cardigans over my zip up hoodie
- a million cups of tea
- beanies 24/7
- not wanting to get out of bed ever
- hugging my hot water bottle
- various soups
- wanting to curl up into the fetal position and rock gently back and forth
- thinking "is summer a thing?"
- driving in my dad's car, turning the heat on full blast and putting the windows down


  1. i am so dependent on my hot water bottle that I've switched to one that charges quickly so every time it gets cold, I can charge it. Moroccan stews are great too.

  2. like an electrical hot water bottle.