Sunday, July 31, 2011

day in review: 30/7/11

Woke up when my alarm went off at 6:45am. Just not feeling it. Shit. Lay in bed with my laptop for a while until I got out of bed to make toast and put clothing onto my body. I wore 2 layers of thermals, a flannel shirt, a black jumper, my black zip up hoodie, thick rugby socks, two layers of tights, converse shoes and red beanie. Gimme dat warmth. On the walk I listened to "Cow" by Sparklehorse two and a half times. At work I made a really strong coffee and couldn't properly communicate or function on any normal level. Got in2 dat coffee and felt like a normal human being. Felt extremely aware of how normal I felt. Did bird stuff. Talked to volunteers. Talked to my boss. My boss let me go an hour and a half early because she is a lovely human being. On the walk home I listened to Mount Eerie. When I got home I talked to Susie and Huna. I made noodles. I had a shower. I cleaned the house. Huna dropped me and Susie off in Titirangi and we got a coffee and a caramel slice. Read a cleo. Getting in2 dem sex tips. Think the family having coffee beside us were frightened by the frequency and volume of our laughter. Went to the supermarket and bought things for the dinner we were having at the shack later that evening. Walked home from Titirangi. Everything looked real nice because the sun was setting. We took pictures by a hedge and talked about things that seemed to matter. When we got home we made an "antipobro playlist" and listened to it as we made dinner. Well, Susie made a tofu curry and I mainly just talked to people on gchat and provided the occasional wise crack. We started watching "Stealing Magnolias" for some reason. Then Xinia came over with her famous brownies. Best brownies in the biz. We talked and then more people came over. People bought over pizza, salad and apple crumble. Got into it in a big way. Made three pots of mulled wine. Real nice. Talked about a vast array of topics for many hours. Good ass company. When everyone left, Susie and I danced around the living room to Toro y Moi. Shake ya ass. Watch yaself. Watched the rest of Stealing Magnolias. Kept singing "I Wanna Fuck You" by Akon at various times. Movie was a bit of a let down despite the stellar cast (Dolly Parton, Daryl Hannah, Julia Roberts, etc). Went to bed at some point. Spooning dat hot water bottle. Cool day - 9.5/10

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