Thursday, July 7, 2011

day in review: 7/7/11

Alarm went off at 6:45am, felt like my eyeballs were being crushed inside of someone's fist, fell back asleep again whilst semi-aware of being "cheeky". Woke up again at 7:20 thinking "fuuuuck" and then trying to put on clothes/make toast/do hair/go pee/check emails in the space of 5 minutes. Walked to work, seemed like it was going to rain but I didn't. Stopped at the place I usually stop at to look at the ocean. Got to work 5 minutes late. Topped up food/water for various birds and did a general clean. Fed the giant petrel outside, he is a real chill bird. A volunteer came in and I talked to her about her life and about birds and about the weather. Someone bought in a budgie and a pigeon. I made coffee for my boss and the volunteer and we stood around talking and drinking it. I cleaned/fed/medicated most of the inside birds and then started doing the outside birds. Felt really "buzzed" after my coffee. I finished at 1pm and walked home in the rain. It rained so hard that it soaked through my shoes and into my socks. It was a weird feeling. On my walk I found a really cool framed painting on the side of the road. I took it home and put it on my wall. I had a shower and made nachos. I started watching a ustream with Jacob, Caro, Shaun Gannon and some other people. Made me feel a bit weird. Talked to Alice about how weird we felt. Tiny chatted Spencer Madsen for a while. We talked about love and other things of that nature. It was nice. My dad came to pick me up because we were going to babysit my lil niece, Nova. My sister made us lasagna. I cuddled the baby and changed her poopy nappy like it was nbd. I live tweeted baby stuff. I talked to James Duncan, Blake West and Susie on facebook chat. My dad was watching Police Ten 7 and kept telling me to shush so I wouldn't wake the baby. I went home to my house and Huna arrived back after being away for the week. We sat out on the front steps and talked for a while. I went into my room and started typing this.

Gotta baby. Gotta pimple.

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  1. Feel like the baby is absorbing the pimp. But pun-like. Like, 'Pimp-baby'. Damn.