Monday, July 11, 2011

the times i've met susie: part 2

The second time I met Susie was when I flew to Melbourne with Sam in July 2008. I was in a very bad place when I went there because I hadn't been sleeping and felt extremely nervous and depressed. Bad vibes. We caught a taxi from the airport to Susie's apartment in Carlton. I fell asleep on Susie's bed and Susie and Sam went to go have a drink at a pub or something. Later on we went to go meet Shu Shu and Lindy and then got a train to Susie's hometown, Horsham, which is in the country. On the way there, I showed Sam something I had written in my notebook and he told me to put on 'Lay and Love' by Bonnie Prince Billy. I wondered how I could feel so in love and so depressed at the same time.

At Susie's, we had a flannel party and I had fun. The next day, I remember walking around Horsham feeling very cold and despondent. When we got back to Melbourne, Sam flew to Brisbane to see his friends there. I felt very sad about him leaving. That night, Susie, Lindy and I went out to Cho Gao and got very very drunk because of some free champagne ladies night thing. I remember the tram stopping and me getting off to throw up and not caring if the tram left without me. It was not my finest moment.

Susie took me around Melbourne and I began to really fall in love with the city. One night we went out for dinner with Steven and Lindy on Lygon I think. We went to this bar that had lots of couches or something, idk. I remember watching A Clockwork Orange in the basement of Lindy's apartment building and feeling many things. On my last night in town we went to see Claire Bowditch and Hot Little Hands and it was very nice. After the show we had to wait out in the cold for a long time trying to get a taxi and afterwards I couldn't get my body temperature back to normal and felt very nervous and did not sleep at all before I had to get my flight in the morning.

Even though I have a vague memory of this time, I still remember the way I felt about things. I feel like a very different person now. I found some old photos from this trip: