Sunday, July 17, 2011

txts from Susie

omg ziggy is buying me a coldplay mug

jesus christ. omg... i am drunk w/bubble gum

just had a weird thought about tinychat... do u think ppl have weird orgies on there??

just feeling a lil weird!!!!

yis, let's see some nature or something..

i feel like watching effing garden state..

crushin on cutie working at the awesome shirt shop i went to with fray fray, they were playing kanye!

omg jordan just said "i've got an appointment to see some rare books" lolol

fraser just sang the sugababes and said it was an old german song. hehe. luv u babe

good girl!!! love u honey

go get em gurl!!

i want a bath like reaaaaally bad right now omg

wut doing?? can i call u??

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