Saturday, July 30, 2011

day in review: friday 29 july

Had a bit of a sleep in on this day, woke up around 11am. Did a few internet things, borrowed one of Stacey's jumpers to wear for the day. Settled on a grey woollen one with large geometric shapes 9/10 for fashion/warmth. Left the house mildly excited about my impending walk up the road to Stacey's work and consequent solo journey into town, but as I was rounding the first bend after leaving, Huna zoomed past in her wagon with Stacey in tow. Huna was going to see the same film at the film festival, and I could get a lift into town in a couple of hours with her. Mixed feelings about this, as I'd hoped to go on a little walk, but mostly 8/10 for not having to get the bus. Back in the shack, I drew a 'mind map' for class that I had thought of on my way to sleep the previous evening on a piece of graph paper. Felt useful and productive, but only 7.5 out of 10 due to my underlying apprehension about being away from class for 2 weeks. Stacey's sister came to pick her up to visit their sick grandma. I stole music from Stacey's iTunes 10/10. Huna drove us into town and we listened to the mix CD that James Duncan made, totes 10/10 bb, and we chatted about boys and 'got to know' each other better, also a 10. We made it to the Civic Theatre in town with enough time to scalp the extra ticket that would have been Stacey's at the box office. An older gentleman gave us $10 for it, saying we could buy some treats or a drink with it. Kindness 10/10! The Civic is really cool for a number of reasons
1. It looks like an opera could take place inside it at any time
2. The ceiling turns into a sky (almost like the great hall at Hogwarts!) with clouds, stars, sometimes shooting stars
3. Has a beautiful big curtain with flamingoes drawn before the start of each movie
The film we went to see is by Lars von Trier and is called Melancholia. It is in two parts, the first about a girl who is heavily depressed, the second about a surprise planet called Melancholia that had been hiding behind the sun. After the film, Huna and I could barely speak. We found it very moving indeed. I sent a txt to Stacey saying the movie was 'very moving indeed'. I passed a lady who noticed that a lot of people were on their phones. She said 'everybody is calling their loved ones'. I do not think I can 'rate' it.
We walked up to Krd and got tasty, cheap, filling dinner from Hare Krishna and started to get back to normal 8/10. Stacey came into town and we met her in the Metro foodcourt. We decided to go have a drink at a place called Library Bar, while Huna needed to go to uni to print out some photos. On our way to the bar we passed the Sky Tower. I said 'I've never been to the Sky Tower'. We got a drink (struggled to open the bottle due to neither of us having a bottle opener) and sat at the bottom of the Sky Tower drinking. Felt kiwi as, if slightly cold 8/10.
Library Bar was really cute. We found a book called 'Meals without Meat' and read every single page. Stacey decided to filch it. Proud of dat girl 10/10. Despite feeling like accomplished kleptos, we didn't feel like staying out. Huna suggested we pop up to her uni where she was blasting David Bowie in the studios. We sauntered through town singing songs like 'Heard 'em say' by Kanye West feat. Adam Levine and 'Sometimes' by Britney Spears. Stacey said 'I'll be the Adam Levine to your Kanye', then karate chopped a pedestrian crossing button with her foot 10/10.
We got more booze from an asian liquor store. The guy in the shop was sweet. We went next door to get some chips, ended up buying mysterious buns, chips and reese's pb cups 9/10 for impulse candy purchase.
Huna met us and we proceeded to drink in the studio and listen to some sweet jams. At one point we were busted by a security dude, but he was a friendly ass bro! (10/10 for 'turning a blind eye') so around 11pm we decided to 'roll credits' and head up to Whammy for a lil bit. Turns out we were exhausted after walking up the ridiculous amount of steps in Myers park so we just had a sit on Krd. Huna got her phone back from this boy Dave, then we decided to call it a night, and she drove us back to the shack.

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