Tuesday, February 14, 2012

col, maj, gen

foreign laundry excapades (in reverse order):
hostel laundry
cost: £4.50 (extortion), inc washing powder. drying on my bunk and the heater in dorm

my auntie anne's. x 3 or 4
cost: free. drying in the kitchen and on the aga

cost: his love & affection. drying on the radiator, not knowing how to control the fricken thing

auntie ronnie's
cost: free. she uses gallons of fabric softener.. awesome.. drying in the airing cupboard.

cost: free. was in desperate need of clean clothing by this stage. fanks mate.

cost: free. jacob's place doesn't have a washing line which i found pretty weird. although australians did invent the hills hoist, if i'm not mistaken. but i figured floridians would just dry errythang outside due to sunshine. but nope, drying in a dryer, some things hanging up. learnt about 'dryer sheets'

downstairs at caro's
cost: like $3? drying extra. was fulfilling a great need.


a movie about octopus reproduction

just keep thinking the phrase 'nach australien'

staring at beards & butts, miscellaneous european piercings.

love when middle aged men at galleries explain art to each other, all loafers and leather bags

wear a dress, it's saturday, you're going out in shoreditch

can you think of anything more important than a mesh staircase. dm me.


just thinking about the different showers i've had. arms up, wailing at the faucet, letting things - grief, embarrassment, sadness - follow water down the drain

black tea, wet hair, no pants. balancing

want to cut my hair but then what will i casually put across my upper lip like a lil moustache

thinking about where all the abandoned Us from words are. in a big pile somewhere desolate and flat, then all of a sudden there's just ravine after ravine of Us, all fonts, all colours

water beats down on my boobs sort of violently, feels like a person is slapping them around in a non-threatening way. seems good and safe to be in this steamy, warm chamber of water.

wat... do i have a subconscious thing for boys with weird names and beards... seems like i have a conscious thing for burritos..  i'm going to walk you home, burrito

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  1. wth, get a washing line mate..
    waste of electricity!!!11!!

    today i was thinking about how sometimes when i am in my dreams i am thinking about real life things and not just dream things. or a lot of the time i have weird dreams about finding my glue stick and then when i am awake i go to get my glue stick and i still can't find it and i become v. confused

    idk why i am saying this here

    it is valentines day and idgaf