Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hop on, hop off

over the past 6 months it has seemed generally that thought catalog has strayed from posting the things that attracted me to it in the first place, but over the last week there have been some things i really enjoyed

on finding the right place to live
because at the moment i am looking for a flat in london and um it's kinda really hard woooo. the other day i was hanging out with laurens 'chillbro' verdonkschot and he said 'so what prompted this whole europe thing' or something to that effect and it seemed like a pretty legit question. the answer i give is usually something like 'because when i was 16 i decided that i would "get lost in europe" after i finished university'. and so i am here. but, before i left, i had this incredible sense of wellbeing about my life in melbourne. i adored it and felt like i couldn't feel more happy with a place, with my friends or where i lived at that present moment in time. yet i left it all. and so.

how to miss someone
just think this is going back to the good ole tc days. and seems like the second paragraph was stolen from me. i have been away for 3 months and to be honest, it doesn't seem like it has been that long. it feels like the things that happened last year were a long time ago. but in a good way. in the way that makes me feel good about my decision to stay away for a while, because it assures me that the rest of the time will go quickly enough, but that i will still have a good time. most people's reaction to this is 'of course you'll have a good time! you can say you lived in the uk for a while' etc etc. but far away from the things i love and know, i am not sure what people do with their lives. when you can't txt a friend to come around, when you don't know where you're walking, starting to feel guilty and grow anxious when you have no plans for the day. and gradually, it seems less and less like there is a point to making plans, to seeing things, in talking to people, leaving one place and going to another. just wanna live in that one night forever, awake in the trees.

other relevant stuffs, in anticipation of our poetry poddy

um hello, emma cherry
"maybe I am a flood or a ghost / but I've laid your heart out on the front lawn / and here I'll watch him weep"

ladies & gentlemen, vicki tingle
"how do you really 'know' / if you have made a mistake with a bro / when all bros just resemble other bros"

seems link i never read anything of frank hinton's before now, but mega <3 for that story

gabby gabby get it gurl

crispin & ben nailin it

& the other blog post i've been drafting for a while is a giant list of infinite thank yous to people i have met over the past 3 months, those who let me stay with them and so on. sort of magical beings, beautiful people, who i would gladly repay with similar kindness.

i am beginning to think 'f' instead of 'th' and speak sometimes with upwards inflections, it is weird,,,, but that is how the girls speak here and i promise you, i am one of those

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