Thursday, February 2, 2012

day in review 01/02/12

I wake up an hour before my alarm goes off and stay in bed with my laptop. When my alarm goes off at 9.30, I get up and make toast and coffee. I put on music and I sit outside in the warmth and eat my toast. I have a cigarette with my coffee. I have a shower and put clothes on. I am wearing denim shorts and a blue collared shirt with my red backwards cap. I work on my zine a bit and talk to Susie via skype. At 11am I get a bus that takes me to New Lynn, this costs me $1.60. From there I get straight on a bus to K'Rd, this costs me $4.40. When I arrive on K'Rd I go to Alleluya cafe and order a soy mocha. I read 'Richard Yates' by Tao Lin and write in my notebook. At 12.30, Alice meets me at the cafe and we talk and drink coffee for an hour maybe, then we go to the Hare Krishna restaurant for lunch. Afterwards we walk around, go to some bookstores, and both end up buying Richard Brautigan books. We say goodbye and I go to my bus stop. My bus comes at 3.25pm and it costs $3.30. There are lots of annoying schoolchildren on the bus. I arrive at work and spend three hours cleaning things, petting cats, etc. My boss offers to give me a lift home b/c he is a real cool/nice guy. We talk a lot in the car about animals mostly, and I feel positive about things. I get home and Hannah is making dinner, just a whole bunch of vegetables with garlic and ginger. I eat the food and it is good in my belly. Our other friend comes over and we sit in the living room, talking. I put on some Drizzy Drake and work on my zine. At 10.30pm, I skype James. During this time my friends call out to me from Hannah's room b/c there is a huge ass bug flying around and they want me to catch it and put it outside. I manage to do so after a series of unintentionally hilarious maneuvers. We skype until 1am. I try to sleep but I can hear a mosquito flying around in my room. I turn on my light and try to find it but I can't so I just eat half a snickers bar and then fall asleep.

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  1. watch out for snickers tum!!!!

    jk you barely have regular tum