Saturday, February 25, 2012

movies to make u feel ~better

the other day ben tweeted this thing that i thought was a pretty interesting thing re: movies 'where nothing bad happens' & i decided it would be kewl to offer ppl a list of the films that i have watched a million times / the ones that make me feel either 'nothing' or 'okay' after finishing watching them
the thing is, you can't watch a movie where anything overly bad happens or you are easily reminded of something bad that happened in yr own life. so you definitely can't watch something like UP! (or other disney films) while you could probably watch something like 'pirates of the caribbean' because it's so swashbuckling and such that you're able to separate it from yr own life.

my feeling is that you have to have seen a film before for it to make you feel better, but not too recently, and be acquainted with your general emotions to the key scenes, if possible. nothing with too much of an 'emotional rollercoaster' or a thoughtful plotline i guess
he's just not that into you
- pivotal scene in this movie is set to that keane song 'somewhere only we know'
- ginnifer goodwin is a non-threatening, cute protagonist
- enough storylines for you to not get overly attached, but to have favourites
- bradley cooper + scarlett johanssen gettin sexy
feels like a cast of people you can count on

never been kissed
- some classic drew barrymore
- the undercast michael vartan is a total fox
- quotable ass lines 'you know what's a weird word? fork' / 'someone ate my entire pie' etc
- final scene set to the beach boys 'don't worry baby' which is good advice

similarly, clueless and 10 things i hate about you - both slightly more complicated or upsetting maybe because each has a dead cast member now

office space
- nothing seems to happen
- generally amusing throughout
- main guy is p cute
- good choons

superbad, knocked up or stepbrothers are good candidates but there are bits of these films that hover dangerously close to making you feel something

ferris bueller's day off
- nothing actually happens in this film
- matthew broderick is kinda hot when he's young
- his gf is a fox
- the parade scene where he sings 'twist and shout'
- be wary of the scene where cameron freaks out in the pool

feel like if parks & recreation had a movie then all of this would be void and it would just be that movie, all the time. alternatively just watch s1-4 of parks & rec, over and over. suggestions are v welcome.

- changeling, somewhere, lost in translation, science of sleep, mermaids, reality bites, gattaca, UP!, bambi

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