Tuesday, February 21, 2012

jst whatevs idek

i want your half hearted half hugs

seems like the jubilee line is always just a lil smelly

kept thinking the smog lyric 'well they say black is all colours at once' when stepping from the pavement to the road

the way to pronounce fings is the way the train announcements do

brb jst changeing at baker street

a body in constant need of repair

who will be the person i do cuddles with next

leaning over my knees whilst on the toilet wanting to fold myself v small

these words have different shapes but they all mean 'i miss you. i'm coming back'

mother & middle aged son on the train
son: i was debauched
mother: do i ask with who...

hearing 'put it in a butthole' in my head to the tune of 'moving to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches'

on the train young mum yells at baby to shut up, sister with cornrows tries to give advice like 'calm down, we're nearly home'

every time after work i want to tweet 'thanks to everyone who spoke to me on the phone today'

when i see beautiful people on the train i think 'jeeze london, why you so sexy????' in crispin's voice

whats so great about portland street

im a grimy fella dw bout it

making lists of the list type blog posts i want to do

just thought 'these bags are HEAVY' in will smith's voice re: my eyes lol

just thought 'he's one of the good ones' about no one in particular

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