Wednesday, September 22, 2010


i am writing this in bed
i often write in bed
i also cry in bed
watch tv in bed
laugh at funny parts of shows.

i eat toast in my bed
i sleep on those crumbs in my bed
i have a 100 yr old frame for a bed
my teddy is with me in my bed
there are cushions and a blue corduroy elephant at the end of my bed
i think about you in my bed
i think about when i was in your bed
i think about which way i slept in your bed
i imagine you are holding me that way in my bed
it takes me some time to sleep.

my lamp is at the other end of my bed
i hide my computer underneath my bed
i see the light of it under my bed
a disused trundle sits waiting for a mattress under my bed
i also keep boxes of things there.